The brand shot to fame for its cult status parkas, loved by Katie Holmes.

A heritage brand, the Yves Salomon company dates back four generations: beginning as a furrier, manufacturing for some of the industry's top fashion houses.
Since Yves Salomon and his son Thomas, now at the helm, the focus has been on ready-to-wear, with the latest reinvention being an ode to 'luxury streetwear'.
In a time where a lot of high profile fashion houses are ditching fur, Salomon is staying true to his roots, arguing that faux fur's makeup of plastic and oil is worse for the environment, but it's not being met without contention.
"Who decided that crocodile, leather and shearling are OK but not fur? They are all the same. Besides, many of the brands who go fur-free are those that need a voice in the industry and are not necessarily performing well," he told the South China Morning Post.
“I think we’ll continue the line as it sends an important message. Fur is the only material that is truly sustainable as it can be recycled an infinite number of times,” he told WWD.
The brand is also shifting to a larger focus on shearling and leather, as demonstrated by the pieces stocked in Brown Thomas, which will focus on shearling and texture, tying in with the department store's no-fur policy.
Personally, we're eying up the leopard print long-line number for the win. 

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