Cancer, if you don’t know what to say, say nothing at all!

Cancer, if you don’t know what to say, say nothing at all! Shutterstock

Cancer, if you don’t know what to say, say nothing at all!


Aries, it seems as thought your new beau will be treating you like an absolute queen this Thursday. Starting with gifts in the morning and a surprise trip in the afternoon. We’re not jealous, honest.


You could be surprised by who you meet at an after-work event or even a casual get together this evening Taurus. If you haven’t spoken to this person in years, waste no time in getting to know them again today.


Gemini, you might not notice yourself doing it, but if you have a tendency to be more concerned with your friend’s lives than your own then it would be a good idea to focus less on other people and more so on yourself today.


If you’re not sure what to say to someone this Thursday Cancer, then we think it’s always best to err on the side of caution where these things are concerned. You can’t get in trouble if you say nothing at all (we hope).


Leo if someone else offers to drive to your chosen destination today then don’t argue with them. If you’ve got a lot on your mind, then it might be best to let someone else do most of the concentrating.


If you know things are not right between you and your other half but you keep shying away from actually sitting down and dealing with your problems, then Virgo will have to make some big decisions going forward – starting today it seems.


Don’t feel like you should have to change who you are just because you’re in a new relationship Libra. If this person you’re with is very well-known, it doesn’t mean that you have to act differently than you normally would.


Scorpio, rather than waste the whole day being at odds with your partner, the both of you should just agree to disagree about whatever it is you’ve been arguing over, draw a line in the sand and move.


Other people won’t have the same regard for your sentimental items this Thursday Sagittarius, that’s why it’s not advisable to wear something that’s very special to you when going out today; if you lose it, the chances of it being returned don’t look good.


Capricorn, today you’ll make a very expensive purchase which will put a big dent in your savings right now, but remember, it’ll only get more valuable as time goes on and think of the profit you can make from selling it on? Winning.


Try to relax and stop stressing about what your new beau thinks of you Aquarius; if your insecurities have caused problems in your relationships before then do you really want them to be an issue again? Remember, you’re a catch!


Pisces, if romantic stories about how people met isn’t usually your thing, then today could change all of that as a charming stranger will change your opinion on falling in love.