Leo, it looks like you’ll be in the money this Thursday!

Leo, it looks like you’ll be in the money this Thursday!Shutterstock

Leo, it looks like you’ll be in the money this Thursday!


Avoid the workplace drama at all costs this Thursday Aries. You have so much going on right now that water-cooler whispers will be way down on your list of priorities this week.


Spare five minutes to chat to someone who could do with some company this afternoon Taurus. It’s not much time out of your day but it will make a big difference to theirs.


Gemini, it looks like you’re shining bring at work – people are beginning to notice your potential and those who doubted you in the past will be regretting this big time in the weeks ahead. Prove them wrong!


Cancer will be the one getting the blame for a co-worker’s mistake this Thursday. Take it on the chin this once but if it happens again, don’t allow someone to treat you like that.


Leo will get a surprise sum of money this evening – and the timing couldn’t be better too considering funds were running particularly low this month. Don’t spend it all at once.


The choices Virgo will make this Thursday will say a lot about who you are as a person, whether you realise it or not at the time or not. Will this impact the decisions you choose?


An impromptu coffee with a former colleague could turn out to be an informal interview, so be prepared for any question they throw at you as some may surprise you.


A meeting with your boss could turn out to be a really good thing Scorpio. No doubt you were terrified before, but afterwards you’ll feel confident about your place in the business going forwards.


What’s stopping you from taking the next step towards your goals Sagittarius? If it’s fear, then you need to knock this on its head as nothing – and no one – should stop you from achieving your dreams.


Things look like they are going to improve in your relationship twofold over the next few weeks Capricorn and when they do, you’ll be glad that you stuck it out through the good and the bad times. 


Aquarius will begin to ask themselves some important questions this Thursday, but before you do anything too crazy, why not see if there are some small changes you could make to improve the situation?


Pisces will have to learn to let go of always being in control. Today your well-made plans will go completely out the window and you’ll just have to get on with the problems that are left behind.