Be careful who you talk to this Wednesday Cancer and what you tell them

Be careful who you talk to this Wednesday Cancer and what you tell themShutterstock

Be careful who you talk to this Wednesday Cancer and what you tell them


Struggling to get your head back in the game after a lovely long holiday Aries? We know the feeling. If so, take the day to get yourself sorted out, as your skills will be needed tomorrow and there’ll be no time to waste.


Taurus, if money worries have been on your mind of late, then you’ll be delighted to hear that these will soon be a thing of the past thanks to your entrepreneurial spirit. Invest this extra cashflow in something secure.


If you’ve been trying to work on your appearance recently then it looks like the hard work will be worth it because the person you’ve been trying it impress will stand up and take notice this Wednesday.


If you’re privy to some workplace news then be careful about who you decide to tell this to; you might be trustworthy, but who’s to say someone else is going to keep a secret as well as you?


Leo, if you had planned on leaving the office early this evening then you can think again as you and your co-workers will have to stay late tonight to fix an issue that’s been a problem for weeks now.


Oh Virgo, it looks like somebody will be getting ALL of the attention this Wednesday and heads will turn when they walk into a room (the person’s you, FYI). Enjoy this extra attention today.  


Libra, it seems as though the plans you had made for this evening will have to be rescheduled because this Wednesday will be one of those days where anything that could possibly go wrong, decides to!


Scorpio, if you’ve a tendency to read into situations when there’s absolutely no need whatsoever to do so, then try to stop doing this today. Life will be much more simple when you relax a bit more.


Sagittarius, confidence in your abilities is a fantastic thing to have, just don’t flaunt this in front of other people who are struggling to feel as capable as you. Why not offer them some advice that could help them instead?


Capricorn will have to think carefully and prioritise their to-do list this Wednesday in order of importance. If you have lots to finish, then you may have to accept that not everything will get done today.


Try to see yourself like everyone else does Aquarius; if you look in the mirror and only see your flaws, remember that everyone else sees the good things, so make an effort to focus on the positives from now on.


Pisces, hump day looks like it will officially get the better of you today and your motivation to get things done will be at an all-time low. You might get away with taking it easy today, but tomorrow people will expect you to do your fair share.