Is it time you found something new to focus on Gemini?

Is it time you found something new to focus on Gemini?Shutterstock

Is it time you found something new to focus on Gemini?


If your partner decides they have the right to tell you what to do this Wednesday, Aries will be pretty quick to let them know that what you do with your life is not their call. 


If you don’t know what you’re looking for Taurus, then how do you ever expect to be able to find it? This applies to all areas of your life. Get clear on what you want, starting today!


You may be a little bored with life right now Gemini but remember that everyone goes through a patch like this from time to time. If it doesn’t go away, maybe you should look for something more exciting to work on?


Cancer will have to remember that it’s the thought that counts when they receive a gift this Wednesday. Even if you hate it, remember it was bought with love – we hope. 


From the outside looking in your best friend might appear to have the perfect life, but step into her shoes and you’ll realise how far from the truth this really is today Leo. 


Virgo will be done with work by the end of the day and will be craving comfort food accompanied by their favourite box-set and to be honest, we can fault them one bit.


Don’t ask for advice you’ve no intention of taking Libra. Friends can only advise you to do the right thing so many times before they eventually lose interest in your drama.


Lacking a serious amount of motivation this Wednesday Scorpio? Have you simply got too much to deal with right now or, are you a bit fed up of what you’re working on? You know the answer.


Don’t go doing anything too crazy today Sagittarius. You may feel like you want a change – and a drastic one at that – but some of these may be a little more permanent than you might think.


Be a friend to the new person at work Capricorn. Yes, you may have settled in really well but it’s tough being the newbie with no one to have lunch with, so keep that in mind.


Aquarius will be feeling much more creative and inspired than they have been in ages, which is a great thing considering that have loads to catch up on today. Don’t waste a minute this Wednesday!


Remember Pisces, first impressions count for a lot so the outfit you choose to wear to work today will have a much bigger impact than you think.