The Dundrum store remains open, with Sports Direct formally taking it over in October.

Irish customers of retail giant House of Fraser who purchased or were issued gift cards in euros will not have them refunded or replaced, after the company went into administration and was subsequently taken over last year. 

Back in August, House of Fraser Dundrum announced that it had stopped accepting its own gift cards due to the acquirement of the stores by the new owner. 

A notice was then hung in the Dundrum store stating that gift cards or vouchers were "unfortunately" no longer be accepted as a form of payment.

"However we encourage these customers in possession of gift cards and vouchers to send them into the House of Fraser head office at Gift Cards, 27 Baker Street, London, W1U 8AH, whereby replacements will be issued," they continued. 

Contradicting this, the company’s official Twitter account then responded to a customer query online by confirming that existing gift cards and vouchers will "be reissued".

At around the same time, the retailer took to Twitter to announce that all online orders that had not already been sent to customers, were being cancelled due to delays. 

The company blamed "teething problems" for the poor administration process on the delays.

Since then, House of Fraser has told Irish consumers that it will no longer be reimbursing, reissuing or honouring gift cards or vouchers that were were issued with prices in euro.  

A number of British customers who were due refunds took to Twitter to share the news that – following months of trying – they had indeed been reimbursed. However, they seem to be in the rare few. 

High street sportswear chain Sports Direct bought the ailing department store House of Fraser out of administration on 10 August.

Sports Direct has announced that for any issues relating to purchases made prior to 10 August, customers should contact administrators at Ernst & Young (EY).

A Sports Direct and House of Fraser spokesperson told Which?: ‘We have no legal liability for gift cards (or goods) purchased or ordered prior to 10 August 2018. That sits with the old company in administration.’

EY said in a previous statement: ‘Customers can submit a claim against the HF Stores Realisations Limited (formerly House of Fraser (Stores) Limited) for the refund.'

According to the retailer's website, Gift Cards and Vouchers are among the list of non-returnable goods. 

According to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, new business who have acquired an establishment "do not have to accept a voucher that was issued by the previous business owners.

"Anything the new business owners might offer would be seen as a goodwill gesture. If you paid for the voucher using a card, you could ask your bank about the possibility of getting a chargeback on your card (which is the reversal of the transaction).

"However a chargeback can only be provided within a certain timeframe from when you bought the voucher."

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