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How to Pack Your Suitcase Marie Kondo-Style

Every good holiday starts with good packing

Space saving in the extreme. 

There's no experience as simultaneously as sweet and cruel as packing a holiday suitcase. Sure, the promise of foreign (hopefully warm) lands is imminent, but standing boldly between you and the airport is an empty rectangular vessel that needs filling. 

As if the time-consuming process of figuring out what to take and what to leave behind isn't arduous enough, then comes the tetras for grown-ups part - fitting all five 'essential' pairs of shoes in, without taking up your entire case. *

* Warning: A visit to NEXT's expertly curated footwear section is guaranteed to add to your  'essential' shoe collection. 

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And every great holiday starts with great packing, so – from space-saving measures to the best way to keep your clothing fresh and wrinkle-free – try these highly effective suitcase packing hacks. 

Pop Fragiles Into Socks 

Protect your favourite perfume bottle and any other breakables by slipping them into socks.

Pair Earrings With Buttons

If you're a #curatedear fan, chances are you have quite the collection of tiny earrings. To avoid losing them in transit, pin each pair to an old button.

Have A Dedicated Ready-To-Go Beauty Bag

Keep a travel-only toiletry bag that has minis of everything you ever need while travelling, pre-packed and ready to go.  

Roll, Don't A Fold 

If you're a serial over-packer, rolling up clothes so that they take up less space in your luggage is essential. It can help prevent deep creases too. 

Sharing Is Caring 

Thankfully, most hotels have hairdryers already in the rooms, but if you're travelling with a group of girls, save on the heavy lifting and divide out who brings what – one person brings the straighteners, another the curlers etc. 

For even more handy hacks to make the tedious task of packing a bit more bearable, watch our Konmari-inspired suitcase packing video, shot with key travel essentials, all from NEXT's curated Holiday Shop

Watch: How to Pack Your Suitcase Konmari-Style

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