Instagram: @ruthyruby

Instagram: @ruthyruby

In the first instalment of Irish Tatler's In Her Closet, celebrating the sartorial prowess of stylish Irish women, New York based beauty PR Ruth Walsh (@ruthyruby) talks us through her fashion favourites. 

What’s the one phrase that would sum up your sense of personal style?

It's hard to pin point or sum up my style but I think I'm eclectic, edgy and chic. My style phrase is: when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you can tackle anything. 

Tell us about your shopping habits. What kind of consumer are you?

I am definitely a practical shopping addict. I try so hard to stay away from shopping when I know I can't afford to buy, but as soon as I have some extra money I turn my usual window shopping into mass purchases. I always say that the only brush with addiction I've encountered is with fashion and beauty. There is a running joke in my family that I am 'the bag lady'. 

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 As a person who is followed for their style on Instagram do you feel a duty to have a 'realness' to your spending habits?

I mean, I am what I am. I really don't try to pretend or gloss over things. This is why I love my followers. The feedback I consistently get is that people love to follow me because I come across real. But yes. I take care of what I need to care of before I spend money on fashion. Rent, bills, loans. These things are priority one and priority two needs to introduction.

Likewise, do you feel a pressure to dress in a ‘good’ outfit when you know you’re going to be taking photos?

I don't feel pressured. When I have spare time I love to plan outfits while listening to groovy music. This is something I could spend hours doing. I research and follow such beautiful people on social media so when I need to put an outfit together to shoot, it's a pleasure. Since moving to NYC I have connected with other Irish bloggers including Tara Marzuki (@tarmarz), this woman has taken me under her wing, taught me how to shoot looks properly, and showed me the ropes of the blogging business and I feel my content is stronger for it.

Tell us the ways your style has changed since you’ve moved to NYC. Is it less about practicalities like the weather and more about a mood or feeling?

I have never felt as happy and at peace with myself as I do since moving here. My style reflects that. I am really comfortable with my fashion decisions and everything is just making sense. I would say it's both about mood, feeling and being practical. You won't last long bopping around NYC in something uncomfortable. As funny as it is, jeans and a nice top is the most perfect thing to wear here. I am living in my ASOS high-waisted, straight leg jeans in blue or black, my converse and really cute tops that I'm picking up along the way. 

Tell us about the best investment buy you’ve ever made.

I really can't pick one thing. I like to make clever purchases with regards to shoes and coats and I'm not at the stage in my life yet where I can invest in designer things. When I do have some money together I plan to get a mini Chanel bag, but that will be years down the line.

What’s your dress up vibe right now?

It's getting really cold in NYC now, so you will find me in 100 denier tights with a cute mini skirt or jeans, boots, a turtleneck, my COS wool coat and a black scarf. 'Sub-zero, but make it fashion.'

Beauty plays a big role in your content, do you believe it has a transformative quality? If so, what one beauty product empowers you the most?

 Love this question. I always say I was born to be in the beauty world. Makeup has been so important to me throughout my entire life. Yes, it is so trans-formative. One product is so hard to pick as I am a self-confessed beauty junkie. I think a good lip product empowers me. I adore lip stains/ liquid lipsticks and a good gloss. There is no sexier feeling, in my mind, than when your lips look "just-bitten' or like you've been eating berries.

Where do you consider to be your destination for a guilty pleasure shop, when you’re looking for that fast fashion hit?

ASOS (my goodness I should have shares with them!) or some thrift stores in Williamsburg. I know they are both so different but you can get lost in both of them, try copious amounts of things on/ save copious amounts to your basket, and when you decide to make a purchase it won't break the bank.

What is your lazy day look?

As much as I would love to say, "Oh, I just love to lounge around in my cashmere tracksuit", I don't. My version of a lazy day look, lately, consists of a T-shirt from Lombardi's pizzeria in NYC, black leggings and my favourite H&M corduroy cardigan.

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