In the next instalment of In Her Closet, showcasing the inspirational style of Irish women, we shine the spotlight on Irish stylist to the stars, Ingrid Hoey. 

What’s the one phrase that would sum up your sense of personal style? 

Eclectic! A word, not really a phrase! I can go through periods of dressing up or being super casual. 

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Tell us about your shopping habits. What kind of consumer are you? 

Over the last few years I've become much more conscious when buying. I used to be an impulse buyer. Now, I tend to think about things for awhile. If they are still keeping me awake at night after a week or so, I’ll go back and buy it. If not, I’ll just get on with a good night's sleep!

As a person who is followed for your style on Instagram do you feel a duty to have ethically informed spending habits? 

I don’t feel like I have a duty as such, but I do anyway. I think on Instagram the most important thing is just to be yourself. Don’t try and emulate what someone else is doing. 

Tell us about:

A) The best investment buy you’ve ever made.

Probably a black Yves Saint Laurent bag I bought in Brown Thomas; she serves me well. I’d rather have one bag I love than 20 that are a bit meh!

B) Your most fair-weather purchase. 

Random Zara purchases, but I’ve copped on to that now.

You’ve built a steady career as a stylist, from your experience, what are the biggest fashion mistakes people most commonly make? 

I get asked this all the time...I don’t think anyone makes mistakes. If it’s your style and you love it, go for it! Dress for yourself and your body shape not anyone else’s.

At what point did you realise you could  make a career out of your love of fashion? 

Quite randomly, it just kind of evolved onto that. I have always loved fashion since I was tiny. I had my Mum's heart broken, every night before I went to bed since I was about three, I’d ask my mum 'what will I wear tomorrow?'.

Where do you consider to be your destination for a guilty pleasure shop, when you’re looking for that fast fashion hit? 

& Other Stories, I love that store – the knitwear is the best. Online probably Kitri Studio.

Roughly, how much would you estimate you spend on clothes per month? 


What’s your dress up vibe right now? 

These amazing sparkly wide trousers I got from Umit Kutluk and a cashmere knit with my Veja trainers.

What is your lazy day look?

Jeans and a knit, preferably with black flat chunky boots.

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