The totally \'grammable fare at Brother Hubbard keeps us coming back!

The totally 'grammable fare at Brother Hubbard keeps us coming back! Instagram @brother_hubbard_south

Because there's more than one type of great feed the best brunch spots can offer, here are the locations are getting it just right on the menu and through the lens. 

Serving an imaginative range of brunch dishes with a seasonal and local ethos can be a challenge. Especially as every brunch menu tends to look the same. Our top ten are bringing something new to the table though, and we salute them. Don't forget to 'gram away...after all, were you even there if it's not on your feed? 

1. Hadskis, Belfast

2. Brother Hubbard North, Dublin 1

3. Cloud Cafe, Dublin 3

What Sundays are all about 👌🏻 #sausagebutty

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4. Meet Me in the Morning, Dublin 7

Weekend Brunch . . . . 📸 @carnivorr 🙌🙌

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5. Two Boys Brew, Dublin 7

We love a good 🍆 for lunch //

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6. Eastern Seaboard Bar & Grill, Louth

CRUDITÉS 🔥⚡️🔥🙌🏻🔥⚡️🔥 for @fionacribben

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7. Herbstreet Restaurant, Dublin 2

Ottoman Eggs .. New breakfast menu. #eggs #spicy #delish

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8. Roberta's, Dublin 2

9. San Lorenzo's, Dublin 2

We open for brunch at 10.30am.

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10. The Fumbally, Dublin 8

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