Sometimes a little vintage Hollywood glamour is just the thing to take your outfit to the next level, and Catriona Hanly's Spring/Summer collection is doing just that.

Iconic Inspo

Catriona Hanly's Spring/Summer 2018 has been shot in a majestic castle with well-known Irish women modelling the pieces, and it's blowing us away. Aptly titled 'The Jewel Collection', Hanly's newest line is inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's passion for all things jewellery (with more than a nod to her equestrian fascination in the shoot too). When speaking of her collections inspiration, Hanley said that: "It was after reading an article in Vanity Fair, chronicling Elizabeth Taylor’s love affair with jewels, that I found my latest source of inspiration. I was immediately taken in by the beautiful colours of her jewellery and more specifically, the way in which the fabrics she wore caught the jewels’ light; it was magical."

Catriona is no stranger to the sparkle of jewellery, having started out designing jewellery for over 350 boutiques in Ireland, the UK and the US. Her 'Jewel Collection' will amalgamate the allure of diamonds, with the red-carpet appeal of silk and lace: "I decided in that moment to take the elegance of Miss Taylor’s love for exquisite jewels and mix it with my long-standing passion for luxury fabrics and colour."

Keep it Classic 

While Elizabeth Taylor was no stranger to a pop of colour in her jewellery box, she was also a fan of black diamonds. In keeping in theme with all things Taylor, Catriona has also included a selection black capsule pieces in her collection, for a look that transcends all time and all seasons. 

So no matter what your taste, this collection has something for everyone to sparkle like a diamond.

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