How to stop long working hours from affecting your child’s behaviour.

Working long hours can affect our children’s behaviour. Parent Coach, Aoife Lee, gives us an insight into what’s going on and why.


One of the most common concerns among parents is what children will do to get their attention. Children often act on impulse, unable to rationalise or self-calm so their behaviour can and does escalate. The reason these behaviours are so effective is because they get our attention. In our child’s eyes, we are acknowledging their feelings, although we may have no idea what the problem is and get annoyed at how they are communicating with us.


The more one-to-one time we give our children at the weekend the less likely they will look for attention in a negative way – a run around in the park, playing a board game or even baking together.


Children thrive under positive praise which in turn develops a willingness to co-operate with you as their parent. Catch them being good and notice when they’re behaving well.

IGNORE NEGATIVE BEHAVIOURS This can be the hardest part, ‘if I just give in it will make life easier’ – but harder in the long run. The more you can actively ignore the negative behaviours the better. An alternative to a time-out is to create a quiet space for your child to go when they need to calm down.