COS AW18 by Viviane Sassan

COS AW18 by Viviane Sassan

The supermodel works the COS AW18 collection in the campaign, shot in Sweden's Kivik Art Centre. 

Karen Elson: Manchurian beauty, dreamy chanteuse and top model reclaiming her fashion crown thanks to this new campaign from COS to mark its AW18 collection.

Shot in the striking setting of Sweden's Kivik Art centre, it's a perfectly spot  to showcase the new season drop from the Swedish high street label, which celebrates the juxtaposition of the natural and the man made. 

Speaking of the clothes, the new season drop from the brand doesn't disappoint. We got a sneak preview of the collection earlier this year and our Fashion Ed's top picks include the unexpected colours; shocks of sulphur yellow and bolts of calming lilac to name but two. 

Volume is key, particularly on sleeves and trouser shapes. Unexpectedly, the leg of mutton sleeve is referenced rather than the OTT, supersize me shapes that have dominated in season's past. Note to self: purchase this in a blouse or dress ASAP and you will set yourself up nicely for the autumn season. 

Anything else noteworthy? Yes, the elbow-length glove is back. But, before you weep at the sight of yet another ladies-who-lunch do over trend, we challenge you to find a way to make it edgy and contemporary c/o of neutral colours and a leather dress, as pictured above. Twee? Never. Cool? Quite. 

The collection will start to drop in stores and online from 12 September.