The German-born designer had previously said that if it were legal, he would have married the feline. 

It has emerged that the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has left some of his $200m (€176.5m) fortune to his cat.

The fashion juggernaut, who passed away at 85 years of age on Tuesday, became a devoted cat owner in later life, lavishing attention on his designer Birman cat Choupette upon first claiming the pet as his own in 2012. 

Originally belonging to the French model Baptiste Giabiconi, Choupette was given as a gift to Lagerfeld around Christmas 2011 following a stay with the designer while Giabiconi was abroad.

The story goes that the Chanel frontman instantly fell in love, and the rest is history. 

Lagerfeld told French magazine Numero last year that the fluffy white feline had been named as one of the heirs of his estate.

In the interview, he said Choupette was in his will, "among others", adding, "don't worry, there is enough for everyone."

The gilded existence of the Birman should come as a surprise to no one, considering the already substantial fortune to her name, having earned some $3 million (€2.6 million) from modelling in adverts for a German car firm and a Japanese cosmetics brand with Lagerfeld.

In a separate interview with Numero, Lagerfeld revealed he employed a bodyguard, two maids and a personal chef to look after the pampered animal who, he said, has "four different dishes prepared for her" each day "served in fabulous bowls".

The young feline is also the subject of a book Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat, for which she was photographed in arms of supermodels Linda Evangelista and Laetitia Casta.

The book includes recipes for her favourite meals which typically use high-end ingredients such as king crab, smoked salmon and caviar. 

And while Choupette may sit atop the throne of fashion pet glory, she is not alone when it comes to extensive animal inheritance. 

Alexander McQueen left his three dogs a rather generous £50,000 in his will, while Oprah Winfrey has said she plans to leave her dogs £30m. 

It's a dog's life, eh?

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