Tuning is the latest concept that purports to help quiet the mind.

Our world is noisier and more crowded than ever before, thus making our problems seem increasingly audible. From guided meditation to floatation therapy, there have never been so many options available to us with the promise of restoring mental peace.

Tuning, a form of sound healing, is steadily gaining traction. The basic concept is that the human body generates mechanical vibrations at very low frequencies called infrasonic waves. Think heartbeats, breathing, blood flow: altogether, the body is awash with different vibrations at any given moment. With disruption of these vibrations, the body and mind become lethargic, sluggish, and lacklustre. Or, what we colloquially class as ‘out of whack’.

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Tuning aims to realign our systems to their optimal state by exposing them once more to healthy frequencies. A balanced body is, of course, at its peak: with minimal stress and free-flowing emotions ensuring the ultimate state of equilibrium.

Tune.Studio, a pioneer on the sound healing scape, aims to develop a service that enhances happiness, creativity, and wellbeing. Its founder, Kyle Godfrey-Ryan, honed her knowledge of the wellness industry during her ten year career as a functional health coach, helping people overcome addictions, disorders, and other issues.

After the 2016 US Presidential Election, there was a noticeable shift in the American public’s general mental health. Godfrey-Ryan took note, pooled all of her resources into the National Institute of Health’s emerging sound healing technology, and pivoted from health coaching to offer an alternative form of healing with the opening of a test site for Tune.Studio.

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“We create inclusive, efficient, and effective tools that upgrade the human-baseline. Happiness is a human right: we exist to grant everyone access to this limitless state,” Godfrey-Ryan states on the business’ website.

During our phone call, she explained that in the last two years, a lot has happened for Tune.Studio. Godfrey-Ryan and her team have spoken at conferences all over the US, helping to increase awareness about medical-grade sound healing, and have now created pods with an artificial intelligence component that people can curl up and relax in for up to 15 minutes. The pods are equipped with seven blends of sound, specifically formalized to help meditate, create, energize, focus, sleep, cleanse, and recover.

“You choose how you want to feel,” Godfrey-Ryan said. “One feels the benefits immediately. Just like with exercise, meditation, and a good diet, the more you allow yourself to heal, the better the body feels.”

Those who try the innovative pods and sound healing claim decreased anxiety and a state of neurological happiness; which makes sense when you consider that all 19 areas of the brain can be aligned by this one form of treatment.

The doors of the original New York City Tune.Studio remain closed while Godfrey-Ryan sets her sights on some major projects. Her first corporate client is Google, meaning the aforementioned relaxation cocoons are “popping up” for employees all over Palo Alto, California. In the immediate future, Tune Studio pods will also be arriving at hotels, airports, and countless other locations that are synonymous with stress.

“This technology has no barriers,” Godfrey-Ryan added. “It has the effectiveness of a laser.”

For more, see Tune.Studio