Hearts across the nation, consider yourselves melted.

This year's Late Late Toy Show was the biggest ever output - host Ryan Tubridy was joined by over 200 young performers and 30 toy testers for the most popular annual RTE broadcast of the year.

As always, the show was chock full of heart-warming, hilarious, and quintessentially Irish moments. 

Of course, the toy show might showcase a doll, some Lego, and the trending gadget of the year - but ultimately it is a platform that serves as a reminder that Irish children and pre-teens are wonderful, unique, and insightful. 

Here are some of our favourite moments (and judging by Twitter, some of yours too.)

Leo From Kildare

Leo, who has Down’s Syndrome, performed ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ on the keyboard. A little shaken and nervous after his performance, Tubs gave him a poignant hug and told him he did great. His joke - whereby he pointing across the room and asked the presenter, ‘What’s that?’ before saying ‘my finger’ - was so innocent and lovely that the whole audience erupted into laughter. 

Stella from Leitrim

Award-winning carrot grower Stella, now lauded as Ireland's youngest agricultural hero, revealed all about her green thumb tendencies, working in the family pub, and took part in a game of 'Brussel Sprout Roulette' - it seems yer man from Sligo and his carrots have stiff competition from this little character.  

Donagh from West Cork

Donagh's parents have been widely praised on social media for allowing their son to play with whatever he bloody wants - gender norms be damned. Where were the pink hurleys when we were growing up?!

Cormac from Kilkenny

We noticed a fair few tweets calling for this young chap to be instated as Housing Minister, stat. The youngster's name was even trending in Ireland at one point. In fairness - if Cormac can build the (Lego) Taj Mahal in 12 hours, wants to build apartments in Dublin, and built his mother a floating house with unlimited WiFi, we think he's up for the task. 

Michael from Kerry 

In his suave suit (obligatory shoutout to Select Suits in Tralee) and thick Kerry brogue, visually impaired Michael delivered a laugh a minute. 

Scott and Grace from Westmeath

And last, but by no means least, the moment that provoked the water works everywhere. As we learned that Grace was diagnosed with Leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant, and her cousin Scott stepped in to save the day, we were already feeling misty eyed. When the little lad said he just wanted to save her life - there wasn't a dry eye in the house. 

The family were deservingly gifted a trip to Florida, and young Scott was given the prize of a lifetime by his rugby heroes.

Until next year!

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