Bank Holiday FOMO be gone.

“Ahh g’wan” is a phrase only heard in Ireland in relation to two things: having another cup of tea, or going out for pints. At no time is the latter more tempting than during a Bank Holiday Weekend, which is essentially a miniature Christmas that rolls around, as if by surprise, several times a year.

FOMO (that is, the Fear of Missing Out) affects approximately, we’ll estimate loosely here, 100% of Irish people during these blessed Bank Holidays. During these three-day festivities, it seems not only sensible to go out Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday, but a national requisite. After all, what’s more sacrilege than wasting the opportunity to go all in for an additional night of debauchery?

(Image via Instagram/SmirnoffEurope)

(Image via Instagram/SmirnoffEurope)

We’re going to throw an absolute curve ball here, but why not… stay in?

We all have our reasons for saying no to a shindig: maybe you’re saving for a mortgage, or perhaps you’re trying to improve your general health by cutting back on the booze. Saying no to having the craic is bad enough, but the worst part is being treated like a social pariah by tastefully declining a night spent sloshing back shots in the local.

We digress! Here are some tactful ways to make the idea of staying in more alluring than “going out out”.

Plan for a hike or a swim

Ireland is a beautiful island abundant with hills, mountains, lakes, and coastlines. Get a good night’s sleep and arrange to meet a friend for an early-morning outdoor activity that you wouldn’t dare face with a head on ya.

Book a holiday

If it’s not penny-pinching that has you turning the cold shoulder on the Bank Holiday fun, consider investing your hard earned cash on a future city break or beach getaway instead. You’ll be so excited planning your itinerary, you won’t mind sitting this one out.

Retail therapy

If your reason for staying in this weekend is more concerned with your health or fitness goals, a sneaky purchase in the many summer sales that are ongoing is almost like a shot of tequila if you think about it: an instant buzz, without the hangover. Treat yourself to something that lasts longer than a glass of wine as a little reward for erring on the good side.

Save money

There’s surely plenty of people of all ages out there who simply can’t prioritise a three day knees-up because, let’s face it, bills bills bills and more bills. But do you know what’s free? Waking up on a Sunday morning without The Fear.

Tammy Piggy Bank€16, Moxon London

Netflix, U Up?

Binge drinking has its time and its place, how about binging on a new engrossing TV series instead? Before you know it, the Bank Holiday will have come and gone. Just remember to get some sleep in between all those episodes.

If all else fails, do it the old fashioned way. Tell your friends you’re pregnant and/or on antibiotics and simply can’t have a drink. And block them on social media for the weekend. What Bank Holiday?