The Latest Netflix Drop Proves Every Rom-Com Needs More Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves should star in everything, FACT.

Always Be My Maybe drops on Netflix May 31. 

From A Christmas Prince to All the Boys I've Loved Before to Someone Great, Netflix has been delivering original romantic comedies that are breathing a new life into what was a fading genre. 

Their latest offering, Always Be My Maybe, is ticking all the rom-com boxes, and then some. The film follows uber successful celebrity chef, Sasha (played by Ali Wong) who has a picture-perfect life: hot fiancé (Daniel Dae Kim), huge mansion for a home and the dream job that has people calling her “Asian Oprah”. But things slowly start falling apart when she has to return to her hometown of San Francisco to open a new restaurant and her fiancé ends their engagement shortly after.

But then, in typical rom-com fashion, Sasha runs into her childhood best friend-and-then-some, Marcus (Randall Park). It’s not long before the two of them are hanging out like old times and Marcus is helping her navigate the world as a single woman again.

It's the perfect love story, made only more perfect by Keanu Reeves throwing a spanner in the mix. While we are of the opinion that every movie should include a scene wherein Reeves tells someone: "I missed your thighs," sadly, not every movie does. Hence the reason why you should definitely make time to watch Always Be My Maybe later this month.

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