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Andrea Corr's New Book Opens Up About Previous Miscarriages

The singer, songwriter and mother-of-two speaks candidly about her struggles with fertility and how she feared motherhood was never for her.

Andrea Corr has opened up about how she had to suffer "in silence" over her five miscarriages when attempting to start a family after marrying Brett Desmond in 2009.

‘There was a lot of suffering in silence,’ Andrea told the Daily Mail's You magazine.

‘Every time, no matter how often it happens, as soon as you discover you’re pregnant, you so quickly go into the mode of hoping and dreaming for this child – and then suddenly it’s all gone.

'Every time I’d feel so sad for a life that wasn’t there any more and also really frightened that this was it. That I’d always miscarry.’

She and her three siblings Caroline, Jim and Sharon, achieved global success in the 1990s with a string of albums and celebrity friends, but grief struck the family twice over a number of years when her mother Jean died aged just 57 of a rare lung disease and her father, Gerry, passed just after the band reformed. 

All this pain is recorded in Andrea’s new memoir Barefoot Pilgrimage, which, she stresses, ‘isn’t in any way a pop star’s biography’.

Sure enough, while the book touches on The Corrs’ stellar achievements (being the first Irish band to receive MBEs from the Queen for their charitable work; supporting U2 and the Rolling Stones on their US tours; playing for Nelson Mandela five times), it’s far more a homage to Andrea’s carefree childhood.

Growing up in Dundalk, near the Northern Irish border, she was the family baby: ‘I just let everyone else look out for me. Caroline would cry because I was going to be late for school – it was so funny.

‘The Corrs are an ordinary family that extraordinary things happened to,’ Andrea continues.

‘Music just happened to be the thing we did and when we were in the middle of it none of it seemed strange, though obviously it was. It’s hard to be showbizzy when you’re working with family. There’s no opportunity to kick off, or get ideas above your station; you’re all far too intimate with each other to try it on.’

The publishers HarperCollins, have described the book as "a compelling and honest memoir in part, an exercise in coming to terms with and making sense of life and mortality following the loss of a beloved father; in part, a reflection on an unlikely journey with her siblings through the music industry; in part, a meditation on family, on music, and on creativity; and, in part, a shout-out for love and for hope."

If you have been affected by this story, please contact:

The Miscarriage Association of Ireland

[email protected] / 01- 873 5702 


Freephone: 116123/ Text: 087-2609090 /

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