"Daft.ie or My New Home is like my porn!"

Ireland's sweetheart Angela Scanlon loves snooping around other people's homes as much as anyone else, it seems. The presenter and current Irish Tatler cover star has found her dream job in the form of Your Home Made Perfect on BBC2 which has been filming for over six months.

Scanlon says that the programme – which sees architects take over dysfunctional family homes – is not all just exposed brick and wainscoting.

“I was a bit taken aback by just how emotional it is. We went and did a reveal on Friday and we were all bloody crying! It was a young family, they’ve got three kids, the youngest is three years of age and has been sleeping in with mum and dad because there’s no room.

"Both of the parents work from home – the place was honestly like a circus. Now, you walk in the door and you can feel the difference.”

Oversized jacket, €1,175, Marni at Brown Thomas; perspex flow heel shoe, €780, Simone Rocha at Havana; drop pearl and heart earring, €329, Beatriz Palacios at Atrium; gem ring and Royal ring (left hand), as before; rings (right hand), Angela’s own.

New mum Scanlon is just about ready to celebrate the one year anniversary of baby Ruby's entry into the world. Her take on motherhood is as refreshingly honest as you'd expect, admitting that the "relentlessness" of newborns can, at times, become overwhelming. 

"It sounds so cliché to say it – people always say, ‘I just don’t remember a time when she wasn’t here’– but actually is it quite hard to imagine it now.

"I think those initial few months were truthfully really hard. I don’t think I quite realised how hard I found them while I was in it. It’s only looking back that I realise that I didn’t really enjoy her in the weeks that I had just had her."

Admitting that the isolation got to her, it was the times when she and her new "beautiful little soul" were alone, she realised that "everything has changed for the better".

"Obviously, you have to preface this all with: it’s so worth it, it’s so worth it."

Long sleeve blouse, €1,900, short with side panels €1,250 and belt, €535, all Louis Vuitton; jewellery, Angela’s own

An advocate for female support, Scanlon truly believes that "We are all better when we champion each other."

"The brilliant thing is, whether it’s in film or television, those female characters and voices are at the centre and business people are realising that there’s monetary value in that. Previously thought of ‘female’ stories are now thought of as universal stories in the way that male stories were.”

A "brilliantly exciting time for women in the media", she says, Scanlon cites Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan as cause for celebration, due to their conquering of UK television. 

Modestly forgoing her own career success, the 35-year-old gushes about the "fabulously bright, funny, intelligent women" currently at the forefront of media circles.

"Now all we need is a female chat show host," she says. 

Watch out, Graham Norton. 

To read the full interview and see the full shoot pick up the April (Volume 3) issue of Irish Tatler, on sale Tuesday 5 March.


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