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Aoife Dooley: The Irish Comedian Smashing Stigmas

A funny girl, a gamechanger, an inspiration. 

A little reminder that you can do anything you want in life, no matter what.

Aoife Dooley is an illustrator, author and comedian based in Dublin. Some people will know her as the creator of Your One Nikita (formerly known as Dublin Hun) a witty Twitter account which became an animated web series for the RTÉ Player. As an author, she’s published three books: How To Be Massive in 2016; How To Deal with Poxes (On A Daily Basis) in 2017 and this year her first children’s book, 123 IRELAND! Others will know her as a stand-up comedian with successful gigs at Electric Picnic and the Vodafone Comedy Festival.

Last year, Dooley’s career took another turn when she was diagnosed with autism at the age of 27. “It changed everything,” explains Dooley. “For the good."

It allowed me to be myself.

"It’s helped me to make sense of my differences. I’ve embraced my diagnosis and I’m excited to talk about it. I started to introduce my autism in my comedy set – in a gentle, enjoyable way – to share what it’s like for me and to increase awareness of the condition. The response has been phenomenal.” Right now, Dooley is working on expanding her comedy sketch shows; continuing to illustrate; collaborating with her new international agent and looking forward to the second season of Your One Nikita which airs on the RTÉ Player in January 2020.

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