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Ariana Grande Is Generation Z's Guardian Angel

Channeling all the strife into a growing list of undeniable pop anthems like "no tears left to cry" and "breathin," Grande has opened up about her struggles while creating a balm to soothe them.

The star is the guiding light for all those who follow her. 

Pop sensation and bonafide busiest-woman-on-the-planet Ariana Grande recently took to Instagram to share photos of a brain scan that she says shows post-traumatic stress disorder.

This, of course, follows the heartbreaking tragedy that was the Manchester massacre at her area tour in the English city some two years ago. A lone gunman, working for ISIS, killed 23 people including himself and injured hundreds more. 

Grande – whose immediate reaction to this was the One Love stadium show with a plethora of fellow stars to raise money for those injured – has always been frank and open about her struggles in the aftermath of the bombing. 

However, no more than this weekend as the 25-year-old uploaded side-by-side photo comparisons showing a "healthy brain" on the left next to a brain affected with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on the right.

The singer followed up with the results of her own brain scan. The photo of Grande's brain scan, like the PTSD brain, was lit up in similar regions and showed the effects of some serious hardships the artist has endured.

Having spoken out about working towards maintaining mental health after the tragic 2017 bombing of her Manchester concert, the singer's revelation is a testament to the very real effects of trauma. Grande's recent success has widened her platform for discussing this with the public and destigmatizing mental illness. Last year, she told British Vogue her PTSD was a "real thing," adding that concert-goers and fans had "a tremendous amount of it as well."

Always finding humour in the madness, the singer called the scans "hilarious and terrifying" and insisted she's "trying her muthafukin best."

It goes without saying that Grande's strength resonates with her fans, as well as the bereaved families, and is maintaining role model status with honesty and understanding. 

While Grande's in the middle of the US leg of her Sweetener/Thank u, next tour, the singer is also getting ready to headline on the Coachella stage this weekend, becoming the youngest female artist to have the honour.

Her performance is available for live streaming on Youtube on 14 April.

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