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Tonight's New Moon Is In Leo - Here's What That Means For You And Your Sign

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Aquarius? You best keep reading.

If it feels like you're seeing this type of articles every two weeks, that's because July has quite the lunar cycle - and it's not over yet! 

Tonight - technically tomorrow - at approximately 4:11 am, we will experience a new moon in Leo.

In astronomy terms, a "new moon" means that the moon is in line with the sun, making it pretty much invisible from Earth. It brings a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and renewed resolutions.

After the astrological chaos that happened during July 2019 (here's looking at you mercury and retrograde), it might even feel like your life is in pieces. But remember, whatever you lost during the eclipses is no longer meant for you. The universe is simply paving the way for something so much better, and tonight's lunar event is here to save you.

As the new moon in Leo occurs, you'll begin to catch a glimpse of what that could be. Let go of small-minded thoughts and self-doubt. Now's the time to not only embrace but recognise yourself as the unique, bold, and lovable spirit you are. Leo is ruled by the sun, which casts light across the darkness and feeds the world with positivity. This is the dawn of a new awakening, so treat it as such. Let nothing and no one hold you back.

Maybe there's a promotion at work you're too scared to go for, maybe you've come across someone on Instagram and have been reluctant to slide into their DMs or maybe, you just want new designer shoes - whatever a new beginning means to you, this is the time to go for what you want.

Whatever you make a commitment to do on the new moon will reach fruition over the course of the next six months when the full moon of the same zodiac sign takes place. So, dream big, my fellow moon enthusiasts, because this August new moon is calling on you to become your best self.

While the July 2019 new moon in Leo will affect every sign, Leo and Aquarius are the most likely to feel it.

Unfortunately for us earthlings, new moons are invisible to the naked eye. The alignment of the Sun, the moon and Earth leaves the area of the moon that faces the Earth in darkness, therefore hiding the natural satellite’s bright white hue. New moons also rise and set at the same time as the Sun, bringing them too close to the Sun’s glare.

But following the lunar event tonight, the moon becomes visible again the next day, appearing in the sky as a beautiful crescent moon.

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