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Is This The New Avocado On Toast?

Yes, peas.

Maybe we'll all be able to afford houses now that we needn't buy avocados...

Who doesn't love toast - especially when it's a souped-up, bougie €12 affair. 

While we doubt the ubiquitous brekkie food is going anywhere anytime soon, it has an equally-hued competitor hot on its heels.

Smashed pea toast has been popping up on menus and honestly, we're digging the newness of it.

We're not talking your average tin of Bachelor's either - between extra ingredients and unexpected combinations, smashed pea toast is the meal that keeps on giving.

If you're asking - we'll have ours by whipping up some pea hummus (mixing the little greens into your regular hummus recipe in the food processor) and spreading some feta cheese, crushed nuts, mint, or spiced tahini on top - or crunchy watermelon radish if it's going.

While avocados are plentiful with their health benefits - it's a dish that veers into the high-calorie range and packs a lot of fats, albeit the healthy ones. On the other hand, peas are abundant in vitamins A, C, and K, as well as fibre, folate, and manganese.

Taste buds piqued? Consider trying your hand at  this avocado on toast alternative this recipe for 'Pea and Ricotta Toast' by New York's brunch scene veterans Maya and Dean Jankelowitz (owners of Jack's Wife Freda.)

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