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Top Tips For Getting Back-To-School Ready

The quick and easy way to ensure your child gets the nutrients they need!

As summer draws to close, now is the ideal time to start getting prepared. 

While September brings with it many challenges for parents, this coming back back-to-school season will be like none before it and so, it's more important than ever to make sure children are healthy, happy and ready to learn. Healthy children are better learners after all! 

With normality resuming after an extra-long summer, kid's schedules will ramp up a couple of notches between school, activities, play dates and sports, so it's important that they are getting enough Omega-3 and Vitamin D in their diet to support their busy brains and make sure their immune system is working optimally. 

While a good diet and quality sleep are integral, one of the best ways to ensure your children are getting all of the nutrients they need is through supplements, and in particular Eskimo-3 Kids. 

Benefits of Omega Supplementation

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are considered essential because they are needed for optimal health but cannot be produced by our bodies, and therefore must be consumed daily through diet or supplementation. Often thought of as the building blocks of a child's body, supporting healthy growth and development, Omega-3s also aid essential functions such as brain development and function and visual function. 

Without these important fats, it can become difficult for growing children to concentrate, learn new information, and balance their moods properly - all key aspects of fulfilling potential at school. In fact, a 2012 study found Omega 3 DHA had a profound improvement in reading age, concentration and learning ability in children, lower levels of DHA were attributed to poorer reading and impaired performance.

In terms of how much Omega-3 is needed, The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) states that 250mg DHA daily is ideal to support healthy brain function. That equates to eating oily fish (e.g. salmon, sardines) twice a week and as it's difficult to get some kids to even taste fish, it’s smart to supplement their diet where possible.

For Teens

Teenagers require omega-3 and healthy omega-6 GLA to help boost brain power
and regulate hormones and balance mood, so whether your child is doing exams this year or just looking to excel, Eskimo Brain 369 is a food supplement worth considering. With high levels of
omega-3 DHA along with seed oils, vitamin D, E and CoQ10, Eskimo Brain 369 sets the stage for academic success and is available in lemon flavour in both capsules and liquid form.

Vitamin D For Healthy Bones And More 

Vitamin D, also referred to as 'the sunshine vitamin', is well known for its role in building strong bones and teeth. In fact, it does much more than that though. Vitamin D is needed for a healthy immune system, helping the body to fight off infections and making it a very important supplement during back-to-school season. The Irish Osteoporosis Society has called on parents to keep Vitamin D intake top of mind, as some 88% of primary school children in Ireland have been reported to have intakes below the recommended amount.

 Why eskimo-3?

Taking a daily fish oil supplement naturally rich in Omega-3, -6 and -9, plus Vitamin D, can
support children's brain, bones, immunity and skin and is a simple way to safeguard your
child’s health. Eskimo-3 is committed to delivering safe, sustainably sourced, effective
Omega-3 and comes in two delicious flavours: Orange or Tutti-Frutti. J
ust one liquid teaspoon or one chewable a day required for a healthy dose. 

See the brand's sneaky Omega smoothie recipe below, if you've got a few fussy people in your household!

Eskimo-3 Kids and Eskimo Brain 369 are available in health stores and pharmacies nationwide and at eskimo3. ie. Prices range from €15 to €35. 

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