This New BBC Drama Is What Would Happen If Heathers And Pretty Little Liars Had A Baby

Hook this to our veins. 

If you thought Heathers was dark...prepare yourself for Get Even

So we all know Hollywood lives for a good reboot and remake - and if we're being honest, we do too, but sometimes a brand new movie or tv show will come along and things are even more similar than we expected.

Like BBC's latest TV show, Get Even. 

The thriller focuses on four teenagers - Kitty, Margot, Bree and Olivia - who come together to expose the bullies within their school. Sounds familiar, right? 

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To maintain their anonymity, the girls create a secret society, DGM (Don't Get Mad, Get Even) where they target bullies with a series of pranks. The pranks are intended to expose the bullies' nasty ways, but things turn awry when their latest target, Ronny, ends up dead. Despite doing their best to deliver justice, they find themselves framed for his murder.

In a bid to uncover the true killer, the girls embark upon a mission to find the truth. Along the way, they face the usual teenage troubles - first love drama, tests of friendship, not to mention exam stress and coursework deadlines. Also sounds familiar, right? 

The 10-part series is adapted from the book by Gretchen McNeil of the same name and is produced by Lucy Martin - who has also worked on the likes of The Worst Witch and Waterloo Road.

The full series of Get Even will be available on BBC iPlayer from Saturday, February 15 which means we'll have to rely on a stream elsewhere in order to watch. Either way, a binge-watch is 100 per cent on the cards.

Main image by BBC

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