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6 Ideas To Add To Your Bedroom Bucket-List

With temperatures rising, things can also get a lot hotter between you two.

Breaking with routine is always a good idea. 

Whether you're with your significant other, a best friend or a fling you met on Bumble last month, everyone's sex lives are different.

We're all into things, have different switches and kinks.

But one thing we can all agree on is that sex is fun, and following a routine is basically the opposite of that.

To keep things fresh between the sheets (or out of them), try creating a sex bucket list with your partner and see how many things you can check off.  While both of you should be totally on board with everything on your own list, we got the ball rolling with these few ideas. 

Scroll on to see what makes the top six on our bedroom bucket list... 

Have sex somewhere new

If you and your partner have gone beyond the Honeymoon phase and the idea of getting intimate anywhere other than your bedroom is incomprehensible, start slow. It's hard to go from zero to full-on exhibitionist, so try moving things to the shower or balcony - somewhere that still has home comforts, if you will. You might be surprised what a change of scene can do! 

Try a couples massage

The scents, the oils, the varying strengths of touch, there's something really sensual about getting a massage with your partner.

Being in the same room also means that you both are sharing in the calming experience, and as long as you're not too zen afterwards, it could make for ideal foreplay. 

Shop for toys together 

If you've yet to brave a sex shop/website, why use it as an excuse to get your partner involved.

Shopping for sex toys as a couple can be a fun way to find out more about what turns your partner on and having picked out a toy together, it'll make using it a lot less intimidating when the moment comes.

Reverse Roles

Okay, so not exactly a hot take, but switching up positions is a surefire way to keep your partner guessing. You might normally have a preference for the bottom, but sometimes taking back the control can be enjoyable, or at least your partner might enjoy seeing you in this new light. 

Do something sexy that isn’t sexual

You don’t always have to be naked and horizontal to get your partner aroused. Instead, do something together that makes you both hot and bothered that doesn’t involve sex.

Often, things like games – when there's a little competition involved - get couples going. Other activities such as cooking and exercising can work to rev our engines.  

Talk about your fantasies 

Talking blatantly about what you're into sexually can be tough to articulate to a partner, but being open and honest is key to a steamy sex life.

Discussing your fantasies can be a great way to introduce some new ideas and remember, talking about them doesn't mean that you each have to complete them. 

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