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Why It's Now More Important Than Ever Before That Your Kids Wear SPF

38% of children in Dublin are not always protected by sun lotion or protective spray when outdoors

Whether you've booked a family getaway abroad this summer or you're planning to stay at home on Irish beaches, wearing sun cream is vital for everyone in the family. 

Once summer hits, kids can’t get enough fun in the sun. But if only they had the same enthusiasm for wearing sun cream. We get it — sun cream can be sticky, gloppy and uncomfortable. But everyone, including children, still needs to wear it.

Children’s skin is delicate and vulnerable to UVA and UVB rays, meaning it's now even more important to ensure your kids are wearing sun protective factor (SPF) when outdoors. In fact, UVA sun exposure in childhood can cause the risk of permanent skin damage in later life. According to Boots Soltan Suncare Expert, Clare O’Connor, there are some pretty impactful benefits of sunscreen for kids...

"By the time we reach 18, it has been estimated that we can get  22% of our lifetime sun exposure – and sunburn during childhood increases the risk of skin cancer in later life."

There is often a 20-year gap between the time sun damage occurs and when it shows up on the skin. Therefore, if your children are not protecting themselves now, in theory, they will be in their 30s/40s when the repercussions of that start to show. 

SPF is crucial to protect children’s naturally sensitive skin from the risk of sun exposure, one that prevents up to 100% of UVA from permanently damaging skin.

Boots Soltan is designed with children’s needs and parent's worries in mind as all of the Soltan children and baby SPFs contain 5 Star UVA protection, to ensure time spent outside is always fun and worry-free.

More than a third of children in Dublin are not always protected by sun lotion or protective spray when outdoors which is why it's important to make putting on suncream part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth or washing your face. As a parent, you can set a good example too. If your child sees you using suncream, they'll be more likely to follow your lead. 

Top tip: Sunscreen should always be applied 20 minutes before heading out into the sun to ensure it’s had time to sink in and start protecting before you head outdoors.

Boots Soltan is exclusively available at Boots stores nationwide and online

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