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12 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Bookworm Friend

We're predicting bookclubs are going to be the biggest trend of 2020.

Drop that avocado, reading is everyone's newly adopted healthy habit. 

It's quite tricky to visualise Christmas without a moment cosying up to a crackling fire, Barry’s tea in close proximity and a book in hand. The perfect set up when in need of some well-deserved chill time away from work, hidden from the family reunion and switched off from social media - peace of mind wins today. 

We are not relishing our Christmas holidays just yet, but even if you are not an avid reader I am sure you have been seduced by the idea of curling up with an amazing book at some stage. We all know somebody who would slot into this frame very nicely, giving one-word answers and creating broken conversations due to their distracted attention being lodged firmly between pages. Neglect at the hands of a book is a common occurrence and we are no match. Books are powerful, good for the imagination, a coffee-break companion, but they also hold the unrivaled title of the best stocking filler. 

Whether your loved one is a renowned bookworm with a developing book-buying addiction (guilty, but no intervention needed), or a best-selling novel is not something they would always be buying themself, Christmastime is the ideal opportunity to gift someone with a story. A simple and classic gesture with no trend-lifeline, a book is always in style. 

Check out our book lover's gift guide below.

The Best Seller

Normal People by Sally Rooney, €8.99, Easons

There is not enough word count to describe the number of awards and bestsellers lists this book has under its belt. Currently being adapted into a drama for the BBC, Normal People is a must-read story of modern love and friendship with universal relevance. I could go on but...

The Fashion Story

The New Fashion Rules by Victoria McGrath, €8.00, Amazon UK

A fashion bible with a profound perspective into the industry and personal style. Written by super-influencer and one of the original fashion bloggers, Inthefrow/ Victoria McGrath is a widely respected, self-made phenomenon sharing her groundbreaking fashion experience. 

The Hot Topic

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo, €23.79, Easons 

Three Women is a disruptive study of female desire told through the lives of three strangers, Sloane, Lina and Maggie. The best-selling story focuses on relationships and the trials and tribulations women fall victim to within them. The novel’s appeal lies in its incredible eight-year writing process and its resonance with all women. 

The Children’s Favourite

Oh, The Place’s You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, €9.45, Dubray Books

Childhood is not complete without a Dr.Seuss classic. Foreshadowing the bumpy pathway of life that lies ahead along with a nudge of encouragement to keep moving forward. Ironically, this story proves just as valuable for adults too. 

The Thriller

The Neighbour by Fiona Cummins, €11.19, Easons

For the mystery junkies who lose no sleep after a fright. A creepy sense of realism upon a couple moving into a new neighbourhood. Guaranteed to lure you in and keep you in a constant state of guessing. 

The Fairytale Classic 

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, €6.75 Dubray Books

Although we know the story like the back of our hand and have seen all of the adaptations it's near impossible to tire of curious Alice, the tardy white rabbit, and mischievous Cheshire cat. A trip for the imagination and timeless addition to your bookshelf. 

The Kitchen Hero

No Fuss Vegan by Roz Purcell, €20.00, Easons

With help from Ireland’s star foodie, eating healthier through plant-based meals is child's play. Packed with a delicious range of recipes, Roz’s third cookbook offers a gentle introduction to vegan eating without the negative connotations attached. A forward-thinking kitchen saviour for anyone who loves food.

The Memoir

Everything I Know About Love By Dolly Alderton, €9.45, Easons

Award-winning journalist and co-host of the incredible High Low podcast, Dolly Alderton might very well be a generation saviour. Her gorgeously written, heart-warming, funny and meticulously felt memoir is an easy read for all women struggling through their tough twenties, reminds us that we are not alone. I cannot express enough how mandatory it is to buy this book, you can thank me later. 

The Inspiration

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, €10.50, Easons

Life is no easy trip for anyone, we are often thrown off balance and in desperate need for some grounding. Paulo Coelho’s adored parable depicts the journey of life and the important lessons we learn along the way. Some are obvious, but others need a deeper dig in order to strike gold. It is a national best-seller for a reason. 

The Beauty Bible

Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes, €15.00, Amazon UK

Britain’s most trusted beauty journalist, Sail Hughes provides the inside scoop on which products are worth the hype and who they are best suited to. Sali sheds light on the new and explosive beauty brands on the scene with Charlotte Tilbury giving praise. A necessity that is suitable for all beauty preferences.

The Self-Care Journal 

The Law Of Attraction Journal, €20.14, The Happiness Planner

Self-care, personal growth, and self-development are key components in living an extraordinary. Staying motivated and focusing on your goals provides you with a unique quality of life. Self-reflection through journaling is such a beneficial practice and boosts happiness. A new, healthy habit for 2020? Sorted. 

The Sports Fan 

100 Years of Leeds United by Daniel Chapman, €21.99, Easons

Is there even a more perfect gift for a loyal soccer fan? Of course, choose your preferred team accordingly.

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