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The Must-Have Nursery Items To Buy Now (And Keep Forever)

Teaming a child-focused ethos with chic Scandinavian design is the key to beautiful, functional pieces that can last a lifetime.

Fact: kids grow quickly. And it’s not just clothes and shoes they grow out of at a million miles an hour, it’s furniture too. It can be easy to fall into the trap of buying and updating as you hit each milestone, but if you take the time to consider what they’ll need in the future, investing in quality, convertible pieces are not only smart from a sustainability standpoint but a financial one too. 

As any parent will tell you, babies tend to require a whole array of accessories as soon as they arrive. A comfortable cot and safe, secure seating are two of the essentials that every baby will need as they grow and develop.

Premium children’s furniture brand Stokke® has been creating clever solutions for decades, ones that not only work for your newborn but can adapt and grow with your child. All with a dash of Scandinavian style.

A cot that can turn into a bed? A high chair into a desk chair? Believe it or not, Stokke® have many options that will take you from the newborn stage right up until you’re waving them off on their first day of school and beyond. 

Chic Norwegian design

Since its launch in 1932, Stokke® has become known for its modern designs and clever products that team function and style. Embracing its Scandinavian heritage, the brand’s ethos encompasses quality, nature, craftmanship, and balanced living. However, this is also design with a purpose: to encourage child development and to nurture family bonding.

A child-first ethos

Stokke® products are made to encourage the healthy development of young children and the brand offers a complete package for parents, from elevated, parent-facing strollers to adjustable seating options and award-winning ergonomic baby carriers. Innovative features promote better eye contact and interaction and all the products are designed to foster connection and help children feel safe and secure. Thanks to Scandinavian craftmanship and engineering, Stokke ® products also fit seamlessly into any home and can be enjoyed for years to come.


A core product of the Stokke® collection for over 45 years, the iconic Tripp Trapp® was Stokke®’s first product for children. It was designed by Peter Opsvik in 1972 and has since sold more than 12 million units around the world. The clever design means it fits right up to your dining table, bringing your baby into the heart of the family. Available in a range of chic colours, Tripp Trapp® allows freedom of movement thanks to adjustable seat and footplates. What more, with an array of additions available, it can take your baby from newborn to the toddler years right through to the teens and even into adulthood. A truly timeless piece.

sweet dreams

The ingenious evolving Stokke® Sleepi ™ bed is all that you could want from a crib: it’s beautiful, functional and safe. Made of solid European beech wood the soft oval shape cocoons your baby, creating a sense of comfort to encourage restful sleep, while the sleek design is both stylish and space-saving. Its flexible design also means it can expand to accommodate the changing needs of your growing child for years to come. With a range of extension kits, Stokke® Sleepi ™ can be used from birth to 10 years so your child can enjoy their bed throughout childhood.

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