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Here’s All The Equipment You Need To Create A (Compact) Home Gym

No more doing jumping jacks and burpees ad nauseam

These home workout essentials are both functional, stylish and... small.

With gyms closed (again) for the next six weeks, using canned foods as weights and repeating those boring sets of bodyweight exercises in your living room might just not cut it if you're set on making a habit out of working out from home. 

Right now, it makes sense to invest in a home gym set up that motivates you to get sweaty, but not all of us are blessed to have an extra space just waiting to be converted into a private gym.

Sure, a treadmill and a full set of weights would also be pretty sweet, but before you go throwing in the proverbial sweat towel altogether, know that there are plenty of options available for a totally functional at-home, makeshift gym... even ones that won't look too unsightly if left around! 

Check out these simple, sleek (and in-stock) home gym equipment additions that can be hidden away to not completely ruin your interiors aesthetic. 


If doing Child's Pose on a shaggy carpet is reason enough to put you off practising in the first place (we wouldn't judge), this yoga-mat-meets-hanging-wall-art, designed by artist Maser, will give you plenty of space to get sweaty no matter what workout you're doing. Plus, as aforementioned, hang it up post-practice and it will double as actual art! 

Yoga Mat, €145, FLOWSTATE - SHOP

If you live on the ground floor and fancy some creative cardio

Nothing like some good old skipping to get your heart racing. Provided you don’t have fussy neighbours, try incorporating skipping rope intervals into your next workout. Aim for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for your desired workout length - it won't be easy, believe us! 

Premium skipping rope, €22.95, Reebok - SHOP 

If you're missing your TRX classes 

The ultimate companion for a total body workout, this all-in-one suspension training system easily anchors to doors to level up your at-home HIIT routine. Lightweight and compact, this set can be hidden away in drawer in minutes. 

TRX Move System Suspension Trainer, €149.95, McSport - SHOP 

If you want to strength train in style

A luxury item to have in a home gym for sure, but made from polished walnut and stainless steel, these dumbbells are so chic, they're worthy of mantelpiece display when not in use! 

Loft 6kg dumbbells (pair), €780, Hock Design - SHOP 


This little guy might look pretty harmless, but an ab wheel is guaranteed to light your core muscles on fire and the only other equipment you'll need is a mat or cushion to place under your knees. Stick an episode of Too Hot To Handle (you know, for motivation) on the tv and then, get rolling... 

Ab Wheel, €15, D8 Fitness - SHOP 

If you're all about that FULL-BODY WORKOUT

Housing ten pieces of gym equipment in one compact cube, just flip it around to supercharge every aspect of your fitness and target every muscle in your body. Despite boasting more than 100 possible exercise variations, this cool little cube would still fit into the bottom of a wardrobe. 

FITT Cube, €169.99, New Image - SHOP 

If you're living in a shoebox when it comes to space

Given their versatility and the amount of space they take up, resistance bands are nonnegotiable in a home gym! Use these heavy-duty bands to strengthen and condition muscles by adding to squats, lunges, chest presses, pull ups and more.

Fitness-Mad's Power Resistance Bands, €30, Elverys - SHOP 

If you're a little sore after all the above 

A percussion gun is amazing for soothing soreness after a tough sweat session, as well as easing tightness and breaking up knots in your neck and shoulders caused by hunching over your laptop for the last few weeks. Plus, the sleek all-black design of the device is surer modern, so it won't look odd whether it's left charging on a bookshelf or beside your bed. 

Massage Gun, €195, Massage Guns Ireland - SHOP 

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