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10 Of The Realest And Coolest Mum Blogs On The Internet

Instamums; influmums; MOIs - whatever you call them, mum bloggers are the best kind of bloggers.

MOI: Mothers of Instagram

The term "mummy blogger" has become increasingly popular over the last decade. Mums have built full-time careers on sharing personal essays, photos, and advice on how they survive the many struggles of parenting. And many of these "insta-mums" don't just talk about their kids, they also get candid about issues like infertility, anxiety, and postpartum depression.

Kids aside, there are also a host of other topics that go along with motherhood, such as how it affects a marriage, the many changes mums' bodies goes through and figuring out how to navigate the many different stages.

Many of our favourite "influmums" also know how to make us laugh. From ranting about the crazy things their kids do at home to the joy many mums feel when they walk down the middle aisles of Lidl. No matter what mums are looking for, our favourite influencers are sure to be able to offer some advice, comic relief, or simply help other mums feel less alone. 

Below are just nine of the best mom blogs sites around. 


Nessa has a refreshing tell-it-like-it-is approach to motherhood with a keen editorial eye to match.


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Seeing this recreation of the very first mat photo I ever did back in February brings back so many memories. It was during one of the most difficult times for me when it came to discovering how to embrace my body and cultivate self love as a new mom. Just a week prior to posting the original, I had completed @loveandlarock’s 7-day mini challenge all about self love with #themindfulmamasclub. I was so new to mindfulness and self love at the time. Even today, I’m still learning and growing every single day. I have hard days and days I feel like super woman. There are moments I struggle and moments I feel strong. The journey is endless.  . And just this week, Terra has officially launched the @mindfulmamasclub website and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it! It’s a community of moms dedicated to teaching mothers mindfulness tools, practices and techniques. You also gain access to a private Facebook group where you will experience endless support and a sense of belonging! Join me and so many other mamas and begin your journey towards mindfulness.  . Enrollment is open until October 1st, so be sure to head over to the link in my bio to learn more. I hope to see you there! ✨ . Ps. Check out my stories to see the original photo I first created on the mat with Maci that started this series. Maci was such a tiny little bean! And there was definitely a wave of emotions as I put on the nursing bra for this recreation. My body may not look much different than the original (besides my shoulders that have exploded since I started powerlifting), but I feel like a totally different person in my strength both physically and mentally. #matmomentswithmama

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Meg Boggs is a stay-at-home mom to her daughter, Maci. She keeps things candid on her blog and social media and often discusses her journey with her postpartum body and other aspects of being a new mom, such as exhaustion and not being able to breastfeed. 


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when i first started the glow i was not a mom yet. over the years, i was given the gift of learning from women i was deeply inspired by and forming friendships that would guide me through my own motherhood path. when i met @rachellehruska, she was a brand new mom to her sweet son maxwell. she was one of the very first women i ever interviewed for the glow and i instantly fell in love with her infectious spirit and genuine kindness. years later, as a mom of two gorgeous sons, she was brave enough to open up to me about her journey through postpartum anxiety. at the time, it was a topic that was rarely spoken about and a subject still shrouded in mystery and even shame, but i’ll never forget rachelle’s response when i asked if she’d be comfortable writing about her experience. she said that if she could help even just one other person by sharing her story, it would be totally worth it. in her essay, she wrote the following words and they have brought me comfort countless times in my moments of doubt and frustration as i navigate the choppy waters of motherhood and today on mother’s day, i share them with each of you and bow down to your bravery: “Please know you are not alone. You are not weak. You are the most powerful and capable thing alive. You are a woman. You are a mother.” now as the founder of one of my favorite brands @linguafrancanyc, she is breaking down boundaries, both political and cultural, and raising money for worthy causes along the way. to say i am honored to be included in her mother’s day feature #ittakesavillage (along with a group of women i adore), wearing my grandmother’s dress, would be an understatement. (thank you dear @yumimatsuostudio for these photos i will treasure forever)

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In between running her own successful business, balancing a marriage and taking care of her children, Violet also finds the time to be as honest online as she is off. 


From interiors to fashion, to being a mum, Buffy is a treasure trove of the most tasteful home, design, and parenting finds.


With a love for fashion, hair accessories and her kids, Laura is the ultimate resource for the busy mum with a very stylish side.


Deciding what to wear in the morning is one thing, deciding what your kids will wear is a whole other story. Katie makes it easy with her daily outfit inspos. 


What started as downtime after she put the kids to bed, Louise is now a full-time fashion and mummy influencer with a field filled with fashion finds and motherhood confessions.


While Gabrielle's feed is a sartorial dream, she uses her Instagram story to show the struggles and triumphs of being a single mum. 


With a vast experience in the worlds of media and fashion, Eimear is the ultimate curator of fashionable motherhood.


If you’re looking for a space that’s BS-free, look no further. Hollie's account is a mix of fashion and family life – all through an honest lense. 

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