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Where To Get Your Ramen Fix In Dublin City

Baby, it's cold outside...

Total comfort food. 

Whether it's the warming broth, the noodles you have to slurp up or some other element of savoury goodness, ramen is easy to crave but hard to get right, which is why we've decided to make a list of some of our favourite places to get ramen in Dublin.

1. Musashi

Mayor Street IFSC, Blackthorn Road Sandyford, Parnell Street, Capel Street, Hogan Place, coming soon to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre

Musashi serves up some killer sushi but it's their ramen that keeps us coming back for more. The restaurant has three types of ramen on offer: grilled chicken with vegetables in chicken broth, wok-fried seafood and leeks with shiitake mushrooms in miso broth and Musashi ramen, which is made up of grilled chicken, pork, king prawns, fried tofu and shiitake mushrooms in miso and chicken flavoured broth.

We love all three varieties, so when the craving hits you, Musashi is definitely one of the best places to get ramen in Dublin.

2. The Ramen Bar

South William Street 

With a name like The Ramen Bar, you'd expect to be served some quality noodles. Luckily, we can confirm that this place lives up to its name and offers some of the best ramen in Dublin. With a menu made up of a range of different types of ramen, this is the place to go when you want to branch out from classic ramen flavours.

We love the tonkatsu butter miso and Chinese pork and wonton ramen dishes, but if you're up for a challenge, then The Devil's Ramen is the one to try – it's spicy enough to blow your head off (in a good way!).

3. Yamamori

Multiple locations

Serving up sushi, Japanese grilled dishes, tempura and more, Yamamori is a great spot to go with a group of people so you can try lots of different dishes.

The clear winner, in our eyes, is their ramen. Available in both locations, the ramen dishes are prepared on-site daily using a range of top-class ingredients, so you know you're in for some serious flavour. 

4. Banyi Japanese Dining

Temple Bar

One of Temple Bar's best places to enjoy a bite to eat, Banyi serves up top-notch ramen alongside a menu packed with sushi, Japanese-style cocktails and more. We love the tempura prawn ramen; the crunchy batter adds something a little special to the dish. 

5. Ramen Kitchen 

Manor Street in Stoneybatter

Ramen Kitchen only opened recently, but it's already creating quite a buzz in the capital. With six innovative ramen dishes on the menu, this spot is fast becoming one of the best places to grab a bowl of ramen in Dublin. The broth is cooked for hours to ensure it's full of flavour, so we don't think you can go wrong with any of the menu options.

6. X'ian Chinese Street Food

28 South Anne Street, Dublin 2

Almost a clone of New York City's X'ian Famous Foods, this new(ish) addition to the city centre is a very welcomed one. Their dishes are cooked fresh to order and they hand whip thick noodles, which means that you get that fantastic chewy, soft texture with every bite that you just can't get from machine-made versions. We recommend the Qishan Hand-Whipped Soup Noodles, which is a traditional Zhou Dynasty dish; be prepared with napkins to as it comes packing with plenty of heat... great for the senses!  But also, try their Roujiamo (burgers) and dumplings as they are excellent too. 

7. Dakoi Oriental Café 

10 Millennium Walkway, Dublin 1

Slightly hidden away in the often forgotten about Millenium Way (or the Italian Quarter as it was once crowned, not so much so now with a diverse mix of cuisines), Dakoi is a real gem for freshly-made, hand-whipped noodles, which when added to the flavoursome broth and veg to make a ramen dish complete, is absolute slurpy deliciousness. There are lots of other great dishes in Dakoi including their dumplings, but we're all about the ramen today!

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