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Move Over Pizza, This Is The Latest Food Trend Taking Over Dublin

Happiness in food form.

Whether it’s a decadent affair tailor-made for Instagram or a comforting pub toastie made with batch bread, you just can’t beat them.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed countless food trends taking Dublin by storm. Think avocado toast, cronuts, elaborate G&Ts, burritos, or who could forget the doughnut craze of 2018. 

They have inspired long queues, Instagram posts, and think-pieces galore. Granted, some of these fads have survived while others faded into obscurity. But one craze that proved it was going absolutely nowhere was pizza. Walk down any street in the city centre and you're likely to stumble upon a restaurant specialising in woodfired, sourdough or Neapolitan pizza. And while this infatuation with pizza came as a welcomed addition to the capitol, it would seem that much like the food trends of Dublin's past, pizza is out and toasties are in. 

The humble toastie is a well-known Irish delicacy and comes in many shapes and forms and although we’ve never had a shortage of toasties on offer in Dublin – these hot, cheesy delights are a staple in city pubs – there’s a new toastie in town and this sandwich is distinctly different.

Firstly, they are not just restricted to pubs and secondly, the focus has shifted from a vehicle for soakage or missed dinners to being an event in itself. In the past month, we've seen the openings of Anti Social and Bobby's – both of which specialise in toasties. Think brilliant farmhouse Irish cheeses, homemade condiments, magnificent bread and not an Easi-Single insight.

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With that in mind, we decided to round up our favourite places to get toasties in Dublin, now that it's en vouge. 


Clanbrassil Coffee Shop

Clanbrassil Street, Dublin 8

Off the side of revered Dublin restaurant Clanbrassil House, Clanbrassil Coffee Shop is a tiny five-seater spot that serves up killer coffee, housemade pastries and some of the most amazing toasties in Dublin. There's something special about these lovingly crafted sandwiches, so we recommend you pop in ASAP to try them out. 

Green Bench Café

Montague Street, Dublin 2

Well-known for their sausage roll Fridays, Green Bench Café sells an amazing range of soups and salads, but it's their sandwiches that draw us in. We love how fresh and flavoursome the toasties are and if you pair them with a cup of soup, you'll be full for the entire day. 

Bread 41

Pearse Street, Dublin 2

The little sister to Bread Nation Bakery, Bread 41 uses some of the country's best bread to make their delicious toasties. Made with red cheddar, Gruyère, taleggio cheese, pickled onions and homemade batch, this toastie will keep you coming back to this café.


Curved Street, Temple Bar

Meltdown has gained serious fame over the past while thanks to its outrageous toastie offerings, which have been known to include chorizo, pulled pork and mac and cheese. It's easy to get obsessed with these delicious fillings, all of which are made inhouse for ultimate flavour. 


South William Street

Grogan's is extremely well-known around the city for its creamy Guinness and delicious toasties. More than likely, if you ask any local where to go for a toastie in Dublin, this is the answer you will receive. Make sure you pair your sandwich with a pack of Tayto for the full experience.


Emorville Avenue, Dublin 8

This cosy neighbourhood café doesn't just serve up amazing salads and baked goods, Bibi's also offers an absolutely decadent toastie that is easily one of the most delicious in the capital. If you're looking for comfort food in a gorgeous spot, then you need to get down to Bibi's.

Nice N Cheesy

Herbert Park and other Dublin markets

Nice N Cheesy is easily one of the best places to gets toasties in Dublin. Available regularly at Herbert Park in Ballsbridge, Nice N Cheesy use Firehouse Bakery sourdough and a blend of a Wicklow and Cork cheeses to create their mouthwatering sandwiches.

Loose Canon Cheese and Wine

Drury Street

One of Dubin's coolest spots for artisan cheese and natural wines, Loose Canon also serves an amazing cheese toastie. This tiny shop can get very busy, very fast, so make sure you get down early to try and nab yourself a spot to enjoy your sandwich. If it's a nice day, there's no better place to enjoy a glass of red and a toastie than the bench outside this store.


Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 4

The toastie game is strong at Bobby's in Dublin city centre, where chef Holly Dalton is now looking after the food. She has come up with a new lunch menu that includes three toasties, One featuring Coolattin chedda, Troonsbridge mozzarella and truffle miso mustard on sourdough bread. Another with Troonsbridge mozzarella, Sobrassada and sun-dried tomato. And last but not least, corned beef with Swiss cheese, Sauerkraut, Russian mayo and gherkins. A tenner will get you a sandwich and a half portion of either soup or salad at lunchtime, while glasses of wine start from €7, with four wines on tap and seven by the bottle.


Mary's Abbey, Dublin 7

We're big fans of Oxmantown at FOOD&WINE as their sandwiches can take any lunch from dull to delicious, so we're delighted to tell you that they also serve some of the best toasties in Dublin. With a great range of flavours on offer, plus amazing coffee and sweet treats, Oxmantown's range of toasties never disappoints.

147 Deli

Parnell Street, Dublin 1

Another spot that's always jam-packed come lunchtime, 147 Deli has a gorgeous sandwich menu full of delicious, housemade options. If you manage to grab a table inside, it's a great place to enjoy your lunch break, otherwise, stroll up to Mountjoy Square Park and enjoy the sun.

Anti Social

Francis Street, Dublin 8

Toasties, arcade games, organic wines and live DJs are just a few of the attractions at a new venue on Francis Street in Dublin 8.   It's brought to you by the team behind Bingo Loco and has a food and drinks menu that’s short but sweet. Expect glasse s of wine from €6.50 and bottles from €29, crisp sandwiches for €3, and toasties made with Sheridan’s cheeses from €6. 

Main image by @mariobatali on Instagram

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