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The Perfect Gift: An Irish Female-Led Book Subscription Box Resplendent With Skincare And Chocolate

A good read, paired with your choice of locally sourced treats ranging from bath soak to perfume to chocolate – all supporting female-led Irish business.

Atop most everyone's new year's resolutions lists is one simple task: 'Read more books'.

While the process is easy in theory, managing to keep up in practice is often what causes us to fall off the ladder come April.

Given that we now live in a sort of limbo in our new post-lockdown world, book reading has fallen off of our priority list, meaning that we need to call in the big guns to assure our literacy levels don't plummet. 

One way we've found that helps when you're trying to replace Netflix with Hemingway is to carve out a few hours of your day to help you get lost in some pages. Helping us to do this is the team at Book Resort, an Irish book subscription company which aims to provide the optimum reading environment for those who have fallen off the wagon. 

This is provided by way of curated subscription and gift boxes complete with your newest read as well as a myriad of treats to help you get in the zone. 

These treats range from bath bombs to cosy socks to a heavenly scent or handmade Irish chocolate – a perfect gift for those keen to read more, especially if the gift receiver is you. 

Book lovers can also request certain Irish authors and opt for books from their favourite genres or choose the ‘surprise me’ option, leaving the decision-making in someone else’s hands.

Founded in Autumn 2019, Book Resort founder Aisling Finn combined her love of reading with a passion for Irish products to create the subscription box mechanic – a system that has seen huge growth in recent months.

"The Book Resort delivers luxury boxes with brilliant books, delicious chocolate & artisan surprises to book lovers around the world," founder Aisling Finn tells Irish Tatler.

"Proud supporters of small female-led Irish businesses, we bring an enjoyable book and chocolate discovery experience to your door."

Priced at €33 per month for a subscription and €36 for one-time gifts, The Book Resort promises to provide a personalised gift for either you or someone you love, all the while helping female-led businesses get back on track after a tough few months. 

Sounds like a no-brainer to us. 

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