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A First Look At The Upcoming David Bowie Biopic

"He's chameleon, comedian, Corinthian and caricature..."

David Bowie is unarguably fashion's king of self-invention.

Mod teenager, dishevelled hippy, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Thin White Duke – Bowie changed his style more dramatically than any other musician in history.

His transformations brought about seismic cultural shifts, changing the definition of what it meant to be a popular rock star. For Bowie, clothing was a way of projecting self-expression, a powerful tool in communicating individuality at its most extreme, glittering and creative.

Other than pioneering the concept of reinvention, Bowie was also a musical genius and masterful showman, taking us mere mortals on a ride not yet forgotten. 

In a time where former icons are undergoing the biopic treatment, the possibility of a Bowie tribute is, quite frankly, a little anticipatory. 

However, this week saw the first look of Stardust released by Salon Pictures.

Directed by Gabriel Range, written by Christopher Bell, and starring South African actor and musician Johnny Flynn as Bowie, the piece tackles just a slice of the star's life, as opposed to the man’s entire, huge existence.

According to Deadline, Stardust will focus on a 24-year-old Bowie's first trip to America in 1971, leading up to the creation of his Ziggy Stardust persona.

Flynn recently appeared in the BAFTA-winning film Beast and the Amazon adaptation of Thackeray’s Vanity Fair. He is also the very charming star of Netflix’s Lovesick.

But, even before its release, Stardust has already faced some controversy.

In January, Bowie’s son, Moon director Duncan Jones, tweeted his disapproval of the film. “As it stands, this movie won’t have any of dads music in it, & I can’t imagine that changing,” he wrote, adding that the project did not have his family’s blessing.

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