Of course those health-conscious Aussies are behind this one.

It will come as no surprise to hear that Irish people aren't great at consuming their greens - reportedly, the average person in this country eats less than half of what is required.  

However, leopard's don't change their spots that easily - and leopards also don't default to drinking coffee spiked with leafy greens. 

Yet as a solution to helping adults eat more veg in Australia, the government-ran Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and horticulture group Hort Innovation went about formulating a product that could simultaneously reduce the waste of produce and help any nutrient-starved Aussies reach their RDA.

"With a rising trend in healthy eating across the board, Australian growers are always looking at ways to diversify their products and cut waste while meeting consumer demand," Hort Innovation chief executive John Lloyd said as he announced the product.

He added, "Research shows the average Australian is still not eating the recommended daily intake of vegetables a day, and options such as broccoli powder will help address this."

So far, so logical.

But when a Melbourne cafe started adding the powder into lattes and cappuccinos, we had to stop and balk.

Allegedly, two tablespoons of the product mixed in with your cuppa joe delivers one full serving of vegetables.

Alas, the powder can (and should) be mixed into smoothies, soups, or other concoctions.

This sounds somewhat more palatable than a BROCCOLATTE.