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Caitriona Balfe Reveals How She Maintains A Healthy Approach To Ageing

Leading lady Balfe has been ranked as one of the biggest earners in US TV earning $100,000 per episode in which she plays the time-travelling Claire Fraser.

Could Claire Fraser be the antidote to one of the last remaining taboos in Hollywood?

National sweetheart Caitríona Balfe is still reeling from recent wins, as the Outlander team won the most binge-worthy show at the 2019 People's Choice Awards earlier this month.

The Monaghan actress, who was not at the ceremony, featured in a video with co-stars celebrating the win, name-checking the show's fans as the reason they are where they are today. 

Balfe and her castmates are consistently praising their fans for allowing them to continue on with one of the best shows on Earth – and to thank them personally, Caitriona engaged in a little Ask Me Anything via Twitter on Wednesday night. 

It was during this time that Twitter asked Balfe whether seeing herself as an older woman on the series, with grey hair and wrinkles, was a difficult pill to swallow. 

It bears remembering that when we are first introduced to Claire (Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) in season one of Outlander, the year is 1743 and Claire is 26, about to turn 27. Jamie is 23.

As the series progresses, so does its main theme of time travel – meaning that their characters age, sometimes decades at a time.

When season five begins the year will be 1770, which means that Claire is 54 and Jamie is 50.

Outlander has always taken great pains to ensure that this ageing is reflected in its portrayal of Claire and Jamie. When the pair were reunited in season three, both Balfe and Heughan stressed how important it was for the scene to reflect not only the passion of the couple who found their way back to each other but also their maturity and growth as people.

Her response to this particular question couldn’t have been more perfect.

“No it’s good,” she wrote. “It helps counterbalance all the crap pressure I feel from all the bombardment of pictures and ads about how we should all look like teenagers. We shouldn’t. Wrinkles equal time equals life… Trying to love them”.

A perfect response from a perfect role model. Thank you, Cait. 

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