Soulmates Do Exist – Caitriona Balfe On Outlander's Most Romantic Season Yet

Everyone’s favourite time-travelling show boasts its most romantic series yet.

This weekend, Outlander will (finally) return for its fifth season.

And it just so happens, that the show's highly-anticipated return to TV coincides with the most romantic time of the year –– coincidence? 

Well, given that this season's theme bases itself around the sheer idea of romance, we think not. 

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, leading couple Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe opened up about what's ahead for Jamie and Claire's soulmate status over these next 12 episodes.

"It's amazing that we have season five," Balfe begins. 

"It's amazing that we still feel so great about it and I think it's a strong season," the actress continued.

"Old Claire and Jamie are very settled right now. They have their family. They have their forever home -- Claire got her Barbie dream house. Yeah, it's all good things." 

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So they seem to have found the secret to eternal romantic life – but what exactly is that secret, according to Balfe?

"Well, I think it's a culmination of every season before," Balfe answered.

"You have to earn these moments and you have to get there and I think they are finally in a place where they are settled. 

"I think the beauty of this season is that they are in this settled place, they do have that time, and we do get to see them working as a couple – and we get to really see the inside of their marriage and their love just deepens year after year and it's a really beautiful thing to be able to play."

To which Heughan added, "Yeah, no matter what is going on, whatever sort of dramatic episode, they always sort of touch base with each other. It's like their foundation. They're soulmates."  

"They are," Balfe confidently concluded.

Season five of Outlander premieres Sunday, 16 February.

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