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Is CBD Oil Just Another Crutch For Our Collective Anxiety?

Legitimately transformative? Or just trendy?

The world is burning! Housing prices! 10 step skincare routines! Anti-abortion protesters!

The world right now is a scary place. Screen time is up, mental health is down and access to more information than we could ever read is available at the touch of a button. 

Coinciding with this like an airshow jet-in-tandem (flying's bad kids, take the train) is the notion that mental health difficulties are real and tangible and we should all be speaking out about what ails us.

And we're doing that. And that's great – but it seems that commercialism has been earwigging on our inner monologues. 

Doughnuts, face creams, jellies, vapes, candles – all of these items and more have recently gotten the CBD treatment in an attempt to curb our growing worries about modern life. 

CBD oil is the non-psychoactive component of marijuana. One of its core benefits is that it can relieve pain. Healthcare experts and groups of researchers have discovered that chronic pain, back pain, headache and other types of pain can easily be treated using marijuana. However, it needs to use it in an appropriate dosage.

Medical advancements and anything that prevents pain are always great. As is the feeling of inner peace following a noisy time mentally. Let's get that clear.

But is the acceptance of a myriad of CBD-based products simply shifting our actual problems to the side and masking it with consumerism?

This weekend, Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye held a “CBD & Meditation”-themed gathering ahead of the arrival of the couple's fourth child. 

“So, because I’m freaking out and the baby is coming in, like, two weeks, I thought what better way to celebrate than to have a little CBD,” the mom-to-be told her guests, including momager Kris Jenner, Paris Hilton and Chrissy Teigen. 

Guests were invited to create their own CBD-infused bath products and were even sent home with a non-hallucinogenic goodie bag. 

The Kardashians are synonymous with trends. The world-famous family essentially familiarised the world with reality television, boast trend-setting fashion senses and are primarily responsible for popularising vernacular of the moment – notably "bible" and "okurrr".

Kim, potentially by way of Kanye or Kris, has – in one fell swoop – taken on the CBD trend with both hands by way of a luxury crafting table and rose petal adornments. 

While the merits of cannabidiol can't be dismissed for those who need it, is the use of such a potent mixture actually doing our mental health more harm than good?

Anxiety is an all-consuming parasite which takes everything the host body thinks and twists it to their own advantage. Often confused with simple nerves, anxiety is a medical condition which can be treated medically or in a therapeutic setting. 

What it does best is the grasping onto of mundane things and feeding on them until something cracks. It is not a 'quick-fix' type of condition that can be dealt with with a plaster – but a degree of brain-training and repeated practices. 

What works for one might not for another and the flogging of highly-marketed products is helpful to no one. 

While CBD oil may be just the ticket for anyone who dares try some (go for it! We're rooting for you!) one should be wary of hidden side-effects and brand partnerships that go along with it. 

Being 'well' should always be the end goal – not being trendy. Anxiety is a fickle beast and the subsequent price-hike on CBD oil products following their recent Kardasianisation is fickler still. 

You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't – but make sure to read up on something so commanding prior to trial, and don't believe everything you see on Instagram stories. 

Main image by @badgalriri

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