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CBD Tampons Are Here To Cure Your Period Pain

Bigger tampon manufacturers previously considered a pain-relieving tampon "too niche".

Allegedly, nine out of ten women are affected by period pain. 

And the industry, for some time now, has been trying to do something about it. From electric shocks to psychedelics, targeting monthly upsets has actually been somewhat impressibly high of the femcare agenda.

Among them is Daye, a new company exploring pain-relieving menstruation products that use CBD. 

Up until now, people have questioned whether CBD oil really helps anxiety – as the substance now comes in everything from skincare to bathbombs, peanut butter, and mascara – so why not infuse the V with the C? 

About 80% of people who menstruate suffer from period pains, while 20% experience ovulation pains. Daye’s CBD tampons are on the super-strength side of femcare products already on the market, using 30% full-spectrum CBD to fight off cramps and pains, something the owners are claiming is the strongest out there.

While some may think that regular over-the-counter painkillers are safer and simpler, using CBD is actually arguably the best way to go.

As your vaginal canal has the highest concentration of cannabinoid receptors, it is the fastest way to absorb CBD into the bloodstream. Daye is the first tampon company to conduct ongoing clinical studies and lab tests, backing up true belief that their product will be more hygienic and sustainable than legacy tampons, and, if successful, could be a wake-up call to the incumbent and stagnant tampon industry, which has seen little innovation in decades.

The CBD oil also offers a second benefit: it creates a protective sleeve over the tampon that prevents fibre loss, decreasing the risk of bacterial vaginal infection or Toxic Shock Syndrome. 

The tampons are also created using organic and sustainably sourced cotton, and there is no plastic involved, either when it comes to the applicator or the packing it will arrive in. 

When the product is available this August, customers will be able to order boxes on a subscription service, so the tampons arrive a few days before your cycle starts. 

To sign yourself up for the period subscription service you never knew you needed, click here

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