The gospel according to Miranda.

Here's what we know about Miranda Kerr; she's a former Victoria's Secret Angel; she has impossibly fairytale-like features; she can hold a plank for ten minutes; she's a wellness mogul with a successful beauty brand; and she is Australia's answer to the quintessential girl next door.

Here is something that maybe you didn't know - Miranda Kerr also chugs celery juice first thing in the AM. While we've heard countless beautiful people namecheck a daily brew of hot water with lemon, and Kate Bosworth reportedly downs moringa as soon as she wakes, a tall glass of celery juice in the morning doesn't seem to feature very often in people's routines.

Kerr (35) recently shared a glimpse into a day in her life, spent at the Malibu home she shares with husband Evan Spiegel (co-founder/CEO of Snapchat) and her two children.


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“I always start my day with fresh, cold-pressed celery juice. I make it at home," she told Coveteur.

Because this is Miranda Kerr, who seems to literally emit a mega-watt glow from the inside out, we were immediately intrigued. A quick Google search led us down the rabbit role and it seems as if knocking back celery juice is one of the most prevalent health trends of the year (there's even been 25,000 posts on Instagram under #celeryjuice.)

Celery, favoured more for being a zero calorie food rather than its taste, definitely doesn't sound appealing, especially in drinkable format - so why should we get behind this movement?

Gut Benefits

According to The Chalkboard Magazine, celery contains some important minerals that can help boost digestion, absorption, and utilisation of the rest of the food you eat. Thus, the outlet recommends drinking celery juice if you have an autoimmune disease where indigestion and acid reflux are common complaints.

Liver Cleanse

The same outlet also notes that celery has detoxifying properties that work to remove bad bacteria, fungi, mould, viruses, and toxins from the liver. [Ed note: This legit sounds like the post-weekend tonic we need in our life....repeatedly.]


A registered dietician told, "eating celery pre-workout has been shown to boost endurance, and enhance strength training performance. Not to mention, each stick is packed with several potent anti-inflammatory substances." This is perhaps a reason why actress/exercise enthusiast Busy Philipps is such a fan.

Get Things... Moving Along

As per, celery juice is a great natural laxative AND it helps to regulate body fluid and stimulate urine production. The website also says that drinking celery juice two/three times a day helps to normalise body temperature.

We Get It, Celery Is GOOD For You - But Can't I Just Eat It?

All things considered, it seems like one would reap similar benefits from chowing down on stalks of the vegetable. In a recent piece ran by the Los Angeles Times titled "Celery Juice Is The Bitter Health Elixir Noone Needs", a registered dietician said, 

"I think it's fine to do, but I don't think it's essential. You'll get similar benefits from eating celery and plenty of other fresh veggies in a variety of ways throughout day."

Another dietician added,"While celery juice is one wonderful source of disease-fighting phytonutrients and other vitamins and minerals, there is no one superfood that promises excellent health when consumed. Most important is your overall diet and making sure it is filled with plenty of fruits and vegetables."

Looks like you should all keep eating your celery, just maybe hold the chicken wings and bleu cheese.

Repost from 💚 Do you guys know the amazing healing powers of celery juice?! I didn’t know until I read my first book by @medicalmedium called Thyroid Healing. Then my Mom gave me another book of his called Life Changing Foods...and it really is changing my life! . . 💚 I drink 16 oz of Celery Juice every morning on an empty stomach and it has made my skin SO much clearer. I get really red cheeks and dry spots on my chin after I eat certain foods, if I travel a lot for work and of course if I drink any alcohol. I try not to eat those certain foods or drink any alcohol but it is hard when you are on the road for work and have to take clients out. So when I drink celery juice, it calms down the redness and the dry spots totally go away! . . 💚 I also have a high-stress career because of planning and executing high-end corporate events. So my stress and anxiety levels go up significantly during those times which really effects my digestive system. Drinking celery juice has made my stomach feel so much better during those stressful periods. . . 💚 The reason why it has these amazing effects is because... . 💚 Celery is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods, because it starves unproductive bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus and viruses that are present in the body and flushed out their toxins and debris out of the intestinal tract and liver. (Who knew?!) . . 💚 Consuming celery is the most powerful way to alkaline the gut. The reason being is because celery is technically an herb, not a vegetable and it’s high in bioactive sodium. (Once again, who knew?!) . 💚 Celery offers enzymes and coenzymes and it raises hydrochloric acid in the stomach so that food digests with ease and doesn’t putrefy. . . 💚 Celery improves kidney function, helps restore the adrenals, and even brings ease to one’s mind and thought patterns, with its mineral salts feeding electrical impulse activity and supporting neuron function, which is key if you suffer from ADHD, brain fog or memory loss. . . 💚 I always thought celery was just something you put peanut butter on for a quick snack. But it does SO much for you when you juice it and drink it everyday! #medicalmedium

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