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Do You Charge Your Phone Overnight? Yeah, You Really Shouldn't

Don't take the risk.

Thanks to lockdown, we're all spending a lot more time on our phones which ultimately results in the need to constantly plug our phones into the charger. Here's why you shouldn't do it at night...

There are many myths on how you should treat your phone in order to use it to its full capacity. The more common ones relate to battery life and thorough cleaning.

However, even more important than that is the issue of safety; which brings us to the reason why you should never, ever leave your phone charging all night while you sleep. 

Dublin Fire Brigade has taken to social media on a number of occasions to highlight the dangers posed by any electronics that are left to overheat by way of charging mechanisms or trapped storage (eg. under a pillow).

They also offer the advice to only use charging materials that are specifically allocated to that device and to bin generic products that can be picked up from electronic stores and garages. 

"Only use genuine chargers and cables with your phones, tablets and other devices," one tweet reads.

"Don’t leave them plugged in overnight, or cover them while they are charging. Always place the device on a hard non-flammable surface."

The issue has become an international one, with many more widespread instances of charger fires occurring than officially recorded, because many of the incidents caused by phone chargers and cables may be lucky enough not to require the fire brigade’s assistance.

A spokesperson for Dublin Fire Brigade shared that the service advises a taking a number of measures to avoid fires caused by mobile phone charges.

These include avoiding over-charging your device or charging overnight and replacing any damaged cables immediately.

She also said: "Never place a charging phone or device on a bed or under a pillow. The heat generated needs to dissipate. Place the phone or device on a solid surface, like a worktop or bedside locker."

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