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Forget Daft, Here Is Where You Should Be Looking For Your Next Dream House

Maggie Molloy, the Irish woman behind the newly viral @CheapIrishHouses, chats about the ins-and-outs behind her viral social media accounts.

Turns out property is the latest industry to get on the Instagram game.

Scouring daily to find your first perfect home or the next step to take on the property ladder? Well, in that case, make sure to give @cheapirishhouses a follow! 

It's perfect Instagram account for anyone doing some Irish house-hunting, or for people who like to scroll while daydreaming about packing their bags and escaping to some remote corner of the country. 

After seeing the @CheapIrishHouses account being shared on our own feed, we reached out to the account's owner to find out more on the ins-and-outs of the newly-viral account. 

How did you come up with the idea for the account?

“I’ve always had a love of old houses. A lot of it probably comes from being raised in one. As children, we spent summers in a cottage and even though our own house was old, this was like something from another time! I think growing up in our own house and spending summers in that cottage made me see that you really don’t need to be living in a big shiny new house to have a happy home.”

Is @CheapIrishHouses a passion project, your job, or both?

“I suppose it’s a little bit of both. It will always be a passion project of mine but it also pays its own way. Initially, I would daydream in front of my computer about saving another cottage before it was bulldozed and replaced with a new build, and I thought maybe other people might like to see these bargains I keep finding.

I knew I didn’t have the money to save any of them myself, so maybe showing them to the world might give some of these cottages a better chance. I would post one find per day on Instagram, but in reality, I was discarding hundreds of other totally save-able houses each week. It’s these houses that now make up my ‘Property Digest’ newsletter.

The best properties each week are posted on my feed and everything else noteworthy that I find is gathered up and sent out in the newsletter on a Wednesday night.

People pay a €5 subscription per month to cover the cost of the newsletter, and the rest of the work is done in my spare time.”

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Manorcunningham, Co. Donegal. €65,000. This 3 bedroom cottage is like a little mid century time capsule. From the carpets to the wallpaper to the bathroom it has such a quirky vibe! Although the decor may not be to everyones taste, there’s no denying the great condition the interior is in & dont get me started on that curb appeal! As always, the original sellers listing is linked up in the bio. #manorcunningham #donegal #ireland_gram #irelandinspires #irishlandscape #irelandaily #ireland #thisisireland #ireland_gram #visitireland #irishcottage #expat #irishproperty #geneology #irishrealty #irishrealestate #cheapirishhouses #under100k #cottage #cottagelife #irishcentral #irishamerican #retiretoireland #renovation

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Have you ever bought/owned your own "cheap Irish house"?

“Yes, I am the very proud owner of a 200-year-old whitewashed farmhouse in north Tipperary. I bought it for €80,000 back in 2004. It was completely derelict when I found it and I have been doing it up slowly since then.

“I am so blown away by how many houses under €50k I find for sale nowadays, and a lot of them are in much better condition than mine was. I had no windows, no front door, no electricity, and the whole house had been stripped of every fixture and fitting before I saw it. So when I say I started with a shell of a house, I genuinely mean it."

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Garrafrauns, Tuam, Co. Galway €35,000. How adorable is this! Located in Co. Galway this traditional farm house consists of 2 bedrooms & 1 bath. It sits on 1 acre & can i say kudos to the listing agent APP Kirrane Auctioneering for actually taking the time to step foot inside the house and get some pics. 16 to be precise! So hop on up to the bio for a link to the original listing and the rest of the photos! #tuam #galway #ireland_gram #irelandinspires #irishlandscape #irelandaily #ireland #thisisireland #ireland_gram #visitireland #irishcottage #expat #irishproperty #geneology #irishrealty #irishrealestate #cheapirishhouses #under50k #cottage #cottagelife #irishcentral #irishamerican #retiretoireland #appkirrane

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Do you or did you ever work in real estate?

“No, I’ve never worked in real estate. I am an illustrator with a love for old houses, that’s all.

"The only experience I have comes from being a buyer with a very small budget and, of course, being an owner of my own cheap Irish house.”

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Keshcarrigan, Co. Leitrim. €35,000. This beauty has been on my list for a little while, so I’m delighted to get to post it for you all today. Sitting on a 0.6 acre site in the most beautiful setting, this cottage is just crying out for a little love. The quiet country lane and views alone are worth the price tag. And when you add to that the fact that its situated within walking distance of Keshcarrigan lake & has its group water scheme connection already paid, it really has a LOT of potential. As always, a link to the full original listing is up in the bio. #keshcarrigan #leitrim #ireland_gram #irelandinspires #irishlandscape #irelandaily #ireland #thisisireland #ireland_gram #visitireland #irishcottage #expat #irishproperty #geneology #irishrealty #irishrealestate #cheapirishhouses #under50k #cottage #cottagelife #irishcentral #irishamerican #retiretoireland #gordonhughes @gordonhughes1

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What, if anything, are the qualifications for a house to be included on your feed?

“The only stipulations I have when choosing houses for the feed is that they cost under €100k and that they are good value.

"You can have cheap houses that are bad investments and you can have ones that have unlimited potential, so it’s really about weeding through hundreds of listings to find the diamonds in the rough.”

What has the response to the account been like? 

“The response to the Instagram account has been overwhelmingly positive. From Irish Americans dreaming of returning home, to young house-hunters in Ireland finally realising there is hope for them to own a property in their lifetime.

"It has been truly mindblowing."

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Gaigue, Ballinamuck, Co Longford. €49,000. This cottage sits on c2.3 acres of land approx 7km from the village of Drumlish. Along with the main residence there is also a 2 bay hayshed & 2 other outbuildings on the property. I love that the estate agent took the time to step inside the house and take some photos for this listing. As someone who found my own cottage from an online listing, its so helpful to see the inside of a house before you organise a viewing trip. Especially when you’re driving over 100 miles to the viewing. The type of people who want to live in a 200 year old house know what to expect, so dont worry you won’t scare us off! As always, a link to the full original listing is up in the bio. #ballinamuck #longford #ireland_gram #irelandinspires #irishlandscape #irelandaily #ireland #thisisireland #ireland_gram #visitireland #irishcottage #expat #irishproperty #geneology #irishrealty #irishrealestate #cheapirishhouses #under50k #cottage #cottagelife #irishcentral #irishamerican #retiretoireland #daltonauctioneering

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What's your favourite house that you've come across so far? 

“My favourite so far would have to be the lighthouse keepers cottages on Rathlin O’Birne Island off the coast of Donegal.

"They weren’t my cheapest find ever at €75,000, but it was a dream property that had a lot of my followers, myself included, dreaming of running away to Donegal to live on a sea stack.”

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Rathlin O'Birne Island, Glencolmcille, Co. Donegal. €75,000 Although close to the upper end of the price range i normally feature here on Cheap Irish Houses, this property really has to be seen to be believed! The listing is for part of Rathlin O’Birne Island, situated in Donegal Bay. The property covers 7 acres of grassy headland that is connected to the main island by a sheltered walkway across a sea arch no less! The walkway is sheltered on both sides by stone walls that stretch across the island to the small shoreline landing area. On the fantastic sea stack you could potentially call home, there sits a lighthouse (not included in sale), 2 light keepers cottages & a third stone building to the west of the cottages. The lighthouse, although not included in the listing is remotely controlled and kept in lovely condition, so the only thing you need to share your 7 acres with is the odd Irish Lights helicopter coming in to maintain the lighthouse. Sounds pretty good to me! As always, the original listing is linked up in the bio along with lots more pics. #donegal #buyanisland #lighthouse #ireland_gram #irelandinspires #irishlandscape #irelandaily #ireland #thisisireland #ireland_gram #visitireland #irishcottage #expat #irishproperty #geneology #irishrealty #irishrealestate #cheapirishhouses #under100k #cottage #cottagelife #irishcentral #irishamerican #retiretoireland

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