12 Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Woman In Your Life

Introducing Tipperary Crystal as your festive fairy-godmother.

A Sparkling Christmas…

It’s crunch time, Christmas shopping is in full swing with jammed streets, shrinking bank balances and the hybrid feeling of panicked delight. At this particular moment the thought, why wasn’t I more organised?, has most likely crossed your mind several times as well as the promise to have all Christmas presents organised no later than August next year. 

An underlying pressure lingers at Christmastime with everyone running on their emergency energy tank in order to finish off the year on a high note full of smiles, cheesy (but so good) hallmark movies, empty plates and an endless flow of champagne - let’s not even begin to imagine running out of bubbles mid-extended-family reunion. 

On top of the festive traditions and feasting logistics, being creative with gift ideas can be quite a time thief. Surprising a loved one with the perfect gift is much easier in theory, yet when called to action one finds themselves at a complete standstill, bombarded with choice and unsure which direction to move in. The one size fits all multi-gift mentality also loses any credibility once the giftee surpasses the age of ten. We really have our work cut out for us, and that’s before we face the shopping rush on a Saturday. 

The present hunt for women is notoriously tricky. Natural perfectionists, women have set the gifting standard particularly high along with their own expectations. Luckily, Ireland’s own Tipperary Crystal has plenty of Christmas gift inspiration on offer to minimise your stress levels. Incorporating the best of Irish design, from delicate jewellery to chic homewares. Whether you’re seeking the perfect piece of sparkle for your mother, or finishing touch for grandmother’s tree, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite pieces to make shopping a whole lot easier this festive season so you have more time to enjoy the important things - yes, indulging in an entire box of Cadbury’s Roses does count.

The Co-worker

Tipperary Single Birdy Mug - Kingfisher, €10.00, Tipperary Crystal

The Glamourous Sister

Noir Lace Pave Gunmetal Earrings, €60.00, Tipperary Crystal

The Hostess

Edgar Degas Set Of 4 Mugs Party Pack, €30.00, Tipperary Crystal

The Girlfriend

Autumn Gradient Necklace, €35.00, Tipperary Crystal

The Niece

Sparkle Ballerina Decoration, €12.00, Tipperary Crystal

The Aunt

Luxury Handcare Set - Watering Can, €30.00, Tipperary Crystal

The Best Friend

The Grafton Tote Navy, €70.00, Tipperary Crystal

The Housemate

Set Of 2 Winter Spice Candles & Decoration - Gold Box, €25.00, Tipperary Crystal

The Cousin

Red Christmas Story Book Set of 4 Decorations, €40.00, Tipperary Crystal

The Mother

The Oxford Burgundy, €60.00, Tipperary Crystal

The Neighbour

Alphabet Christmas Tree Decoration - Letter A, €10.00, Tipperary Crystal

The Trend Setter

Umbria Brown Wallet, €30.00, Tipperary Crystal

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