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12 Christmas Gifts For Your Nieces And Nephews, If You Want To Be The Cool Aunt

I'm not a regular aunt, I'm a cool aunt

The best gifts for every kid, no matter their age...

When it comes to gifting, adults are generally easy. You can always reach for a little succulent or a fancy bottle of wine and expect a smile. But kids, well kids tend to be a little outside our wheelhouse. Unfortunately, there's no true one-size-fits-all gift for every kid on your list —they're picky little giftees! And unless you've been stealing their letters to Santa, it's tough to read a child's mind.

So we've attempted to break down the best Christmas gifts to get children in every age bracket, whether they belong to you, a relative, or a friend. From infants to toddlers, all the way to preteens, we've tapped the best gifts that are sure to get an excited reaction, even if they're only capable of drooling right now.

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Just remember this general rule: If it's not your kid, save the parents a headache and don't buy them anything noisy.



Never worry about sleepless nights thanks to this plush blanket. 

Bunnies By The Bay Skipit Tuck Me In Blanket, €55, FAO SCHWARZ  available at Arnotts

If they're going to chew on anything, at least make it cute. 

Personalised Natural Wood Teething Rattle, €18, Nibbling 


The cuteness speaks for itself.

Duck Paddle Suit, €27, M&S

This baby-safe stacking set will keep a little one engaged for hours on end.

Wooden Stacking Rainbow, €23, Best Years


A cuddly BFF is just what a toddler needs.

Plush Monkey 18 Inches, €80, FAO SCHWARZ  available at Arnotts

Homelessness in Ireland is now at crisis levels, with the number of homeless people climbing over 10,000 for the first time this year, including some 3,800 homeless children. This book is a means of response from the Irish creative community – to raise awareness, create empathy among Irish children and to raise funds to help provide vital homeless services.

How Will Santa Find Us, €16.99, Eason

Soothe a child to sleep with a nightlight that also doubles up as a friend.

Elephant Night Light, €27, Kidly

We wish our feet were small enough to fit into ultra-stylish DM's.

Toddler 1460 Softy T Lace-Up Boots, €90, Dr Martens


They're going to want this, trust us.

G1 Hoverboard, €259, FAO SCHWARZ  available at Arnotts

Start 'em while they're young.

Instax Mini 9 Camera With 10 Shots, €64.99, Argos

For when they're too cool to talk to you

JBL E500BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, €89, Currys PC World

Encourage the young ones to save the planet as early as possible with this sweatshirt that speaks louder than words

Kids Earth Sweatshirt, €31, The Kindness Co-Op

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