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Cici Cavanagh On Ibiza, Why She Loves DJing And Irregular Sleep Patterns

Is it too early to book a holiday to Ibiza?

We're with the DJ...

Original cool girl, Cici Cavanagh has traded metropolis living for island entertainment as a DJ in club life, tropical paradise, Ibiza. 

Diverging from the masses of typical Instagram criteria, Cici represents a refreshingly authentic individual immune to clichéd styles of modern beauty – a quality which no doubt has attracted an influx of crowds to the dancefloor to enjoy her music.

With an exotic, chilled aesthetic and the ability to pull-off dreadlocks (swoon!), her success as a DJ comes as no surprise. 

Working within the elusive and evolving DJ industry isn’t the most straight-forward when starting your career journey. The lack of directory information juxtaposed with the job’s glamorization increasing its popularity means we can take Cici performing at Fabric in London as landing on her feet and successfully establishing herself within the DJ world. 

Curious as ever, we reached out to Cici to discuss her life as a DJ, travelling on the job and home comforts.

Where would you find the best party in Ibiza?

Definitely at Pikes Hotel! No matter what night of the week it always has the best vibe.

How would you describe your style?

Dark, mystical and versatile.

Do you need a particular personality trait in order to become a successful DJ? 

I think you need to be intuitive and read energies so that you can provide the best experience for the crowd.

Do you find the DJ-ing experience differs from city to city? 

Definitely! There are different styles of parties that are synonymous with certain cities, like Berlin, London, Paris, for example, all have their own signature sound and clubbing culture.

What do you miss most about Ireland when you are away? 

My family and friends for sure.

What is your most prized career highlight as a DJ?

I got to play Room 1 in Fabric twice last year and that was a big deal for me. I’m also playing Fabric again in the new year so I’m super excited about that.

When travelling, what are your carry-on essentials? 

Headphones, eye mask, wipes and something cosy, like a shawl.

Who would your dream DJ collaboration be with?  


What is the trickiest part about being a DJ? 

Irregular sleep patterns.

What are you hoping to manifest in the new year? 

A dog. 

How likely are you to partake in a Fade Street reboot? 

If everyone else was dead set I would consider it, but it’s not something I would be pushing for.

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