Clodagh McKenna

Clodagh McKennaClodagh McKenna

Chef, author, TV personality and Greene Farm collaborator Clodagh McKenna shares her recipe for entrepreneurial success.

Be authentic

When something isn’t authentic, it can be spotted a mile off. Think very hard about what you want your ethos and brand identity to be. Once you have that nailed, it will help decide what is and isn’t right for your brand further down the line.

Stay ahead of the curve

The food industry is so transient, which sometimes makes it hard to keep up with. I try not to take too much notice of faddy food trends or diets – the best way to stay current is to make sure that you’re always learning, evolving and taking inspiration from everything around you.

Dillisk Ravioli from Clodagh's Irish Kitchen

Dillisk Ravioli from Clodagh's Irish Kitchen

Dream big

When you run your own business it can sometimes be hard to stay motivated but keeping your goals in mind, however big or small they are, will really help you push through.

Have female role models 

There are so many great female figures that I’ve learned from, like Darina and Myrtle Allen and Giana Ferguson from Gubbeen Cheese. There are also people in other industries that I look up to, like Emma Kelly from Elevate PR who’s been such a support throughout my career. What I have taken from them all is the importance of authenticity and a strong work ethic.

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Gravalax from Clodagh's Irish Kitchen

Gravalax from Clodagh's Irish Kitchen

5 Ambition doesn’t trump respect

Being ambitious should be applauded as a great strength but it’s always important to be nice. In any industry, it’s likely that you’ll be meeting people on a regular basis and you want them to remember you for the right reasons. It’s such a cliché but it’s important to remember that anyone you meet, whether they are a CEO or a receptionist, might doing something else one day therefore it’s crucial to treat everyone with the same amount of respect and courtesy.

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