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There's Now Yet Another Dating Trend Making It Impossible To Find Love

If you thought ghosting was bad...


Gone are the days when all it took to fall in love was being asked to dance at a ball which would be followed by weeks of courtship. As anyone who has attempted to find love in recent years knows all too well, modern dating is complicated - not rocket science-complicated, but Rubik's cube-complicated at the very least. 

First, you need to learn to navigate various dating apps, then you spend days obsessing over the perfect profile picture and bio, then you need to pique a potential partner's interest with a killer opening line...and that's all before you've even met. Add in some ultra-confusing and ultra-new dating terms and we're officially out of our depth. 

Despite the process being dissected and analysed by everyone from relationship therapists to your Sunday brunch group chat; it remains a mystery to most of us. 

And now, as dating evolves it would seem there's yet another dating trend making it impossible for anyone to ever find love: the read dread. 

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Read receipts - little digital notifications that someone’s opened up a message you’ve sent them  -are a huge source of stress, insecurity and paranoia for singletons.

This phenomenon was recently highlighted in a viral Twitter thread by Eric Dimitratos. The 33-year-old, who works in digital marketing, received a text from a recent date asking for a favour.

The unnamed date actually requested that Eric turns on his read receipts so that he could keep tabs on when Eric had seen his messages.

Dimitratos posted a screenshot of the text conversation to Twitter. It’s been liked over 20,000 times and made way for a tonne of debate on the subject of read receipts and privacy in dating, with the overriding advice to Eric being RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

Moral of the story? If you’re single, turn read receipts on at your own risk. 

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