12 Father's Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

Remind him who his favourite child is...

Father's day gift ideas for every kind of Dad...

"Honestly, I don't want anything," your father lied. Because, in truth, papa dearest likes a token of appreciation - everybody does. 

It needn't matter if you're shopping last minute, either. Thanks to a wonderful thing called next day delivery (or, better yet, Amazon Prime), these gifts will make it look like you made all the effort, with no hassle on your end. 

Below, are the best gifts and presents for Father's Day to keep your old man on your side.

For Dads Who Enjoy A Tipple

Every dad likes to pretend he's Don Draper and indulge in the odd whiskey by the fire. Treat him to something a bit special and he'll love you forever. Diageo's first foray into Irish whiskey since they sold the Bushmills distillery, Roe & Co is a blend comprising of malt and grain whiskey. All of these have been entirely aged in an ex-bourbon barrel with a strong emphasis on first fill casks. Bottled at 45% without chill filtration, it is well suited to cocktails where the extra alcohol helps carry the whiskey flavour across. 

Blended Irish Whiskey, €35, Roe & Co

For Dads Who Love to BBQ

If there's one thing your dad loves more than you, it's gadgets and barbeques. This app-connected thermometer allows you to monitor the "doneness" of up to four cuts of meat, from beginning to end and notifies you on your smart device once the food has reached the perfect temperature to serve.

iGrill 3, €119.99, Weber

For Dads who Love Music

Dads love vinyl. Fact. Even if they're not big music heads they'll be a nostalgic for their youth. This also solves the problem of what to get him forever more.  A new record for every Christmas and birthday forever! 

ION Air LP Belt Drive Bluetooth Turntable, €99.99, Currys

For Dads Who Like To Take Care of Themselves

No matter what age your dad is, you're guaranteed he still fancies himself a bit. They all like to pretend they don't care what they look like and make no effort but in our experience dads are more into their skincare products than any mam we know. 

5 Minute Men's Routine, €17-€98, Kiehls 

For Dads Who Always Ask For The Time

While there's obvious merit in gifting a proper Swiss watch, dad still needs a watch for the everyday. That's where Daniel Wellington steps in. With reliable insides and a classic design, its universal appeal will keep things ticking over nicely.

Gents Daniel Wellington Watch and Strap Gift Set, €188, Weirs & Sons 

For Dads Who Like To Look Dapper

Most dads have a good blazer. And good blazers need a pocket square. So, to ensure there's a match with most colours in his wardrobe, enlist a classic white from Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Contrast Tipped Silk Twill Pocket Square, €145, Mr Porter

For Dads Who Understand Grooming

It's the decade of the beard, or so we're told. Assuming, however, that your dad doesn't work as a vegan barista in Stoneybatter, he may want to tame his facial hair. This limited edition Wet & Dry Men's Electric Shaver will be able to tame that and more.

Phili Series 3000 Wet & Dry Men's Electric Shaver Gift Set, €59.99, Boots

For Dads Who Love To Read

No matter what your dad is into (or what your relationship is like), buying a book for someone is a lot easier than picking the right colour or size sweater or a tie, and it's much more exciting than a pair of socks. If he’s into music, likes to cook, likes to learn new things, or even likes photos more than actually reading, you’ll have options. But for Dads who just like to read, the latest book from the award-winning author and Guardian journalist Donald McRae is our top pick. Set against the backdrop of the Troubles, it tells the inspiring story of the renowned boxing trainer Gerry Storey and the Holy Family gym in Belfast.

In Sunshine or Shadow, €14.99, Easons

For Dads Who Care About The Planet

For the environmentally conscious dad with a coffee habit, KeepCup is a slickly designed reusable cup made from durable, toughened glass. This KeepCup features a natural cork band which is made in Portugal using waste product from the wine cork manufacturer. Not only that, but it keeps your coffee hotter for longer and is designed to last for years.

KeepCup Cork Brew, €21, Reuzi

For Dads Who Like To Smell

Fragrance, in particular, is one gift that will keep giving all year-round and is a way to treat dad with something pretty luxurious that he wouldn't normally buy for himself. A timeless, anti-conformist fragrance housed in an enigmatic blue bottle, your Dad deserves a bottle of Bleu De Chanel. This set is perfect for Dads who love to travel whether it be for business or leisure. 

Bleu De Chanel Refillable Travel Spray, €94, Brown Thomas

For Dads Who Prefer Words

Pay tribute to the man himself by bringing it back to basics with a Father’s Day card. Take the time to write a loving message, show your appreciation, make jokes and say thanks for all he’s done. But in the interest of not giving him a big head, encase those loving words in a card that gives me a subtle reminder. 

Father's Day Card, €3.50, Homebird

For Dads Who Appreciate The Simpler Things In Life

Socks: a homogenous gift, but one, if bought correctly, well worth the investment. Take Irish Sock Society. Understanding the true power of socks, their socks brighten up every and any occasion. From a boring business meeting to a wonderful wedding to lunch with family or a party with friends, there's a pair of socks your dad will love - and they'll spark more joy than a standard black multipack.

Bye Bye Bye Socks, €9, Irish Sock Society

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